REVOK arrested this weekend

Anyone who follows graffiti art in Los Angeles knows the name REVOK. He’s one of my personal favorites and I’m always psyched when I see a new piece of his around town, and point it out to friends when I see his work up big in other cities while I’m traveling. That might not be happening too much in the near future since he was arrested this weekend by the Sheriffs Dept while attending an event at the 33rd Graffiti Art Store. He’s still tweeting to some extent so I’m not sure how locked up or down he his at this point.

Now before everyone gets all up in arms and is like “it’s illegal anyway” and “about time they arrested these vandals” and whatever other tired crap will get posted in the comments I should point out that YES WE ALL KNOW IT’S ILLEGAL. And yes, this is a risk anyone who decides to be a graffiti artist takes. It doesn’t matter who agrees with it or what merits anyone thinks graffiti has, it is in fact illegal and that’s the game some have chosen to play. What is interesting to me at least, is that while at one time graffiti artists were shadowy figures whose names and faces no one knew, thanks to the internet and twitter and online communities like 55mm Los Angeles as well as a whole host of galleries helping these artists take their work from one medium to another, graffiti artists are much easier to find for anyone looking. And while it’s a safe assumption a lot of the time that law enforcement has no idea how these things work, they are starting to learn and the more out there and available people are the easier it is for a bust like this to happen.

I’m not trying to bash anyone who is high profile, I’m just saying that I think that we like to think we know who is reading and following us, but the truth is we have no idea and I think we’re going to see more of these arrests as artists continue to gain popularity and it becomes easier to predict where they will be at some point in the future. And at the same time, I don’t think we’re going to see folks like REVS behind bars anytime soon.

Give at Gobble Gobble Give

800px-Thanksgiving_1918For the eleventh straight year, Gobble Gobble Give will be packaging and delivering meals to those in need in and around The Echo on Thanksgiving Day.  Yeah, The Echo, that snazzy little joint in Echo Park where a bunch of creepy old white guys recently stared just a little too hard at the three tiny Japanese girls known as Shonen Knife.  (Besides that yuck factor, what a great show that was!!).

In a bit of twist to the traditional Thanksgiving slop-and-serve, Gobble Gobble Give takes a lesson from the economies of scale chapter of the Ford playbook: volunteers bring the parts (i.e., food, toiletry kits, and clothes), assemble everything in boxes, conveyer belt style, and deliver the packages to those in need around Echo Park and Downtown.  Last year, volunteers from all stripes delivered these packages to over 1,500 people.  So, if you’re orphaned and in need of friends and valuable bonding time (even if it’s with strangers) (this might be me, so you’re not going to be the only one); if you’re looking for a way for the family to do something together other than text in the same room while the turkey roasts; or if you have no ulterior motive and simply want to donate the time, hit up The Echo at 10am Thanksgiving Day and claim your spot.  As of this posting, Gobble Gobble Give’s Facebook page lists 238 confirmed attendees, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that they’re adequately staffed.  You know us Angelenos: we confirm before we commitSign up to deliver, and, whatever you end up doing, happy turkey/non-turkey day everyone!

Win Tix to The Black Crowes on Saturday!

Woot! Celebrate Turkey Day with Crowes. These guys have more cred than they know what to do with and a sound informed by classic American rock’n’roll in the purest sense: a healthy dose of blues, a helping of soul and a dusting of roots music. They’ll be at Club Nokia this Saturday.

Wanna go? Tell me your favorite band with an intentionally mis-spelled name. We’ll pick a few lucky winners to get pairs of tickets to the performance.

Show info is here.

Win Tix to Simian Mobile Disco at the Mayan Theatre Tomorrow!

simianI saw these guys last time they were in town. A co-worker, who’s a DJ, demanded I go. I was tired. I was whiny. I wanted to go home. The show blew me away. I danced until I was sweating.

So you should probably go to this show. Electronic acts at the Mayan art particularly fun, especially with the light show that accompanies SMD shows inside the cavernous, ornately decorated theatre.

To win tickets, tell me about your favorite place to eat hot dogs in LA. Why? Because every time I leave the Mayan there are people there on the sidewalk selling Danger Dogs, and hot damn are those things tasty.

Show info is here.

Arnold Schwarzenegger breakin’ the law, breakin’ the law!

arnoldsfrontplateTMZ has a sad example of irresponsible reporting up in the form of this post showing what they allege is Governor Schwarzenegger parking in a red zone in Beverly Hills. But take a close look at that pic – it certainly doesn’t look like a street at all. Instead, this appears to be some sort of parking lot.

However, while TMZ negligently cites the wrong parking violation, they totally overlook the fact that the Porsche Schwarzenegger is driving lacks a front license plate, as required by the California Vehicle Code. I know, the sleek front of that $100,000 beauty would be marred by an unsightly license plate, and that Arnold can afford any ticket that will probably never come his way, but heck, even his wife can’t follow the hands free cell phone laws he passed, so blame it on her bad influence.

Or, maybe he reads LA Metblogs, and remembers this post about how removing your front license plate might actually save you money.

Photo by Ramey from TMZ, text and arrow added by me.

Win Tix to LA Auto Show

laautoshowlogoThis years LA auto show is different than all others before it. This year will be the first year with the official sanctioning by the OICA “Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automoblies”. Yes, LA is officially one of the biggies on the international circuit which is appropriate for our importance in the world market place.

The first 4 winners will receive a nifty $50 value gift pack containing the following goodies:

  • 1 general admission passes to the Show
  • 1 LA Auto Show T-shirts
  • LA Auto Show Messenger Bag
  • other goodies from the Show!
  • final 4 win tickets only (my bad on the clarification)

To win all you have to do is tell me why you want to attend and include a legit email address so I can contact you for mailing information on your prize package.

As we get closer to the auto show I’ll decipher and condense down the press releases, but Green Car of the Year is going to be celebrating its 5th anniversary and will be among the many events and premiers at this years show.

Details: LA Convention Center, LA Auto Show is open to the public Dec. 4-13. Hours are:
Weekdays: 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Saturdays: 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Sundays: 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Let L-tryptophan Be Your Only Drug This Thanksgiving

Creativity103's photograph used through Creative Commons
Creativity103's photograph used through Creative Commons

The holidays can be a tough time for anyone, but they’re particularly tough for those of us who do not soften the sharp edges of family with alcohol or any other drugs. If you think you might need help getting through Thanksgiving without picking up or if, at some point during the holiday you decide you’re ready to try life without the monkey on your back, it might help to know that Narcotics Anonymous has two round-the-clock marathon meetings in the San Fernando Valley as well as one in Palmdale and another Pasadena. You can find information about all of them on the Southern California NA regional website. They each have meetings on the hour every hour and a potluck dinner. So put down the spoon and pick up a fork and check it out.

Random acts of silliness:a waltz in Weho supermarket.


I am a firm believer in random acts of silliness to brighten an otherwise dreary moment.  I’ve done a few myself just to be different in a crowd.   Hat tip to friend and metblog commenter West Coast Grrly Blather for posting this on Facebook earlier today.  GuerilLA Improv has been at this for a while and you can see more silliness committed in LA on their Youtube channel.  Enjoy the smile on your Monday.

It’s a Wrap! Sale

It's a Wrap! 2nd Annual Accessories Extravaganza Begins Friday
It's a Wrap! 2nd Annual Accessories Extravaganza Begins Friday

One of my favorite places to shop in Burbank is It’s a Wrap! They acquire mostly unworn or gently used wardrobe leftovers from movie studios at serious bargain prices. Imagine a thrift store that carries couture! They always have tons of designer labels for both men and women in a variety of sizes (not just size 2). They also have jewelry and accessories. I recently picked up a Prada dress with the tags still intact for under $200, six pairs of luxury tights (unopened) for $3 each, a silk scarf for $5 and a Theory trench coat for $10.

With all of this in mind, I seriously had second thoughts about publicizing this sale so that I could keep all of the bargains to myself, but what the hell. Starting this Friday, November 27, It’s a Wrap! will be hosting their Second Annual Accessories Extravaganza. Also, the first 25 customers to spend $50 or more in the store that day will receive a gift certificate (contact store for specifics).

Recent arrivals include wardrobe from “Monk,” “Deal or No Deal,” “House,” “Law Abiding Citizens,” “Dexter”, Continue reading It’s a Wrap! Sale

The Return of Klaus Pierre

As previously mentioned here at MetBlogs, French/German Action Hero Klaus Pierre has made his triumphant return to Los Angeles. Recently, producer/director Russ Gooberman caught up with Pierre to film this exclusive* interview with the soon-to-be icon.

In this interview Pierre discusses what he’s been up to for the past 18 months, experiences with eastern healing, and of course, his new movie, “Little Klaus, Big World.” (Fair warning: while Klaus’ accent may make it sound cool, depending on your work environment, some language may be NSFW.)


*exclusive to MetBlogs (and anyone else who can access YouTube.)

Interpreting the Yoka Bear, Designer Con 2009


This past Saturday was Designer Con 2009 in Pasadena, where toys, art, a lot of Japanese anime influence, and a distinct smell of BO (c’mon boys, hygiene is not hard) converged.  There were plenty of pretty rad vinyl toys, super kawaaii t-shirts and posters, and I was super excited about checking out Christopher Lee’s new (ad)venture, The Birds and the Beasts – but nevermind all that.  The coolest things on display were formerly naked 3″ Yoka bears (above) distributed by adFuncture and provided to a little more than 150 individual artists.  These artists went all the way and back in customizing the little bears to their creative hearts’ desires.  I wish I could post a picture of them all – and while we’re wishing upon shooting stars, I also wish my camera didn’t crap out and lose a bunch of the pictures I took there – but here’s the next best thing:  a few of my favorites that survived the Casio Exlim Crash of 2009 follow after the jump.  Hopefully someone over at DCon will post the entire collection online, because the variety of Yokas was mind boggling.

Continue reading Interpreting the Yoka Bear, Designer Con 2009

Up, Up, and Away!

Ever seen Los Angeles by Zeppelin? Me neither, but how cool does that sound? If you’ve been trying to find something fun and different to do in the next few days, this just might do the trick.

Zeppelin by Jitze
Zeppelin by Jitze

Airship Ventures is in town offering various L.A. tours by Zeppelin through this coming Tuesday, November 24th. The Bay Area-based company operates the only sightseeing airship in the United States and for the past year and a half, they have flown over the San Francisco Bay, the Monterey Coast, and L.A. At this past week’s Mindshare, one of company’s founders, Alexandra Hall said that due to the growing popularity of the Long Beach to Hollywood tours, Airship Ventures plans to spend nearly half of 2010 in Southern California. I’m really tempted to book a flight.

You don’t have to worry about another Hindenburg disaster as the Zeppelin is filled with non-flammable helium, not hydrogen. (Yes, all helium is non-flammable, but the company has to state the obvious for the general masses). You can read all about the specs of the ship, available tours, and the journey of getting this venture in the air at the company’s site.

Ticket are a little out of my price range, but imagine what an amazing journey you’d be taking. Booking information can be found here.

Designer Con Today … Like, Right Now

postcard2009Apologies for the late-ish notice, but heads up if your afternoon is free:  Designer Con 2009 is up and running until 5pm today at the Pasadena Convention Center.  Designer art, apparel, and slick toys will be on display and for sale.  Their attitude is to “expand the scope of ‘that which is design.'”  Artists defining and expanding the scope of design include Amanda Visell, Christopher Lee, Tim Biskup, and Buff Monster (!).  If you follow Buff Monster on Twitter, you’ll see he’s made an exclusive t-shirt for the event.  And, though it’s not nearly as kawaii as watching the shiba inu puppies grow, ToyBreak also is using Ustream to stream live from the floor of the show.

Admission price is $5 before 3pm; after 3pm, it’s free.  See you at 3.

‘Camera Assassins’ Scavenger Hunt Saturday!

wiseguysJust wanted to let you know about an awesome scavenger hunt game on the west side tomorrow afternoon, hosted by Wise Guys Events. It’s designed for teams of two and combines elements of a photo scavenger hunt and the spy game, Assassin. It’s super cheap for a few hours of fun and will be over in plenty of time for you to head to your evening plans.

Here’s some information I ripped from the event’s Facebook page:

Camera Assassins is the newest Wise Guys Events game! Play in teams of 2: that’s right, teams of 2! Get your future Amazing Race partner in on the action. It’s part photo scavenger hunt, part Assassin. You and your partner are racing to complete as many of the photo challenges as you can. The catch is, you can’t do them without the help of the other teams, and one of the other players is aiming to kill you. Unless your partner is.

Camera Assassins, the amazing game of double exposure! RSVP on their Facebook event page to play.

The cost is $20 per team, to be collected on game day.

Saturday, November 21, 2009
1:00p – 4:00p
Westwood Park – Meet at the Picnic Benches
1300 Veteran Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90024