Win Tix to The Black Crowes on Saturday!

Woot! Celebrate Turkey Day with Crowes. These guys have more cred than they know what to do with and a sound informed by classic American rock’n’roll in the purest sense: a healthy dose of blues, a helping of soul and a dusting of roots music. They’ll be at Club Nokia this Saturday.

Wanna go? Tell me your favorite band with an intentionally mis-spelled name. We’ll pick a few lucky winners to get pairs of tickets to the performance.

Show info is here.

14 thoughts on “Win Tix to The Black Crowes on Saturday!”

  1. without a doubt – Phish. of course, now that “phishing” is a part of the internet lexicon, going on tour with the band can be misinterpreted in any number of criminal ways.

  2. I never knew this until recently…the Beatles was a combination of beatles = “beat” + “beetles”

  3. INXS – when I was young I used to call them “Ink-sys” then it took some 6th grade grammar to realize it was “In Excess”.

  4. The monkees. I miss spelled the word “monkey” in a 2nd grade spelling quiz thanks to them. Black Crowes tickets would make up for the decades of shame I brought upon myself.

  5. I could pick a more clever or original band name – but I’d be lying if I answered my FAVORITE band with an intentionally misspelled as anything other than “The Beatles.”

  6. My favorite band with a mis-spelled name is The Black Crowes…hence, I am entering in this contest and this is my final answer. Peace!

  7. MALFUNKSHUN – Mid 80’s punkadelic band from Seattle with an extremely charasmatic frontman named Andy Wood. Andy went on to another band named Mother Love Bone (who really started the infamous Seattle band movement in 87) and when he died in 1990 right before their first albums release, the other members went on to become a little old band called Pearl Jam.

  8. I was going to say Phish as well, but since that has been taken, I have to say Dumpstaphunk. They are an incredible funk band from New Orleans led by Ivan Neville (son of the famous Aaron Neville of Neville Brothers and Meters fame). Talk about down and dirty funk. Ivan and his band really out-funk the OG funk band, The Meters.

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