Arnold Schwarzenegger breakin’ the law, breakin’ the law!

arnoldsfrontplateTMZ has a sad example of irresponsible reporting up in the form of this post showing what they allege is Governor Schwarzenegger parking in a red zone in Beverly Hills. But take a close look at that pic – it certainly doesn’t look like a street at all. Instead, this appears to be some sort of parking lot.

However, while TMZ negligently cites the wrong parking violation, they totally overlook the fact that the Porsche Schwarzenegger is driving lacks a front license plate, as required by the California Vehicle Code. I know, the sleek front of that $100,000 beauty would be marred by an unsightly license plate, and that Arnold can afford any ticket that will probably never come his way, but heck, even his wife can’t follow the hands free cell phone laws he passed, so blame it on her bad influence.

Or, maybe he reads LA Metblogs, and remembers this post about how removing your front license plate might actually save you money.

Photo by Ramey from TMZ, text and arrow added by me.

5 thoughts on “Arnold Schwarzenegger breakin’ the law, breakin’ the law!”

  1. On the TMZ post they have another photo and it looks to me like he’s parked on a red curb in an alley adjacent to a parking lot.

    Unfortunately, I am familiar with getting a ticket for not having my license plate attached to the front of my car :( If you don’ have a front tag, don’t park at LAX’s long-term parking lot C … they’ll get you every time.

  2. In the other photo, the Governor is shown to be in the car – there is not a shot of the car unattended. So assuming he parked his car in a red zone takes a large leap of faith.

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