Designer Con Today … Like, Right Now

postcard2009Apologies for the late-ish notice, but heads up if your afternoon is free:  Designer Con 2009 is up and running until 5pm today at the Pasadena Convention Center.  Designer art, apparel, and slick toys will be on display and for sale.  Their attitude is to “expand the scope of ‘that which is design.'”  Artists defining and expanding the scope of design include Amanda Visell, Christopher Lee, Tim Biskup, and Buff Monster (!).  If you follow Buff Monster on Twitter, you’ll see he’s made an exclusive t-shirt for the event.  And, though it’s not nearly as kawaii as watching the shiba inu puppies grow, ToyBreak also is using Ustream to stream live from the floor of the show.

Admission price is $5 before 3pm; after 3pm, it’s free.  See you at 3.