Win Tix to See Julian Casablancas On Friday!

julianWe’ve got another couple pairs of tickets to give to you lucky people to see Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas in his residency at the Downtown Palace Theatre tomorrow night. Wanna go? Leave a comment below telling me why you deserve, more than anyone else, to see this show. Be ruthless.

Show info is here, if you’d like to read a bit more about it.

9 thoughts on “Win Tix to See Julian Casablancas On Friday!”

  1. just named my first kid julian, middle name casablancas. would kill to see him live! pleassse send some tix my way :)

  2. First of all, thank you soo much for this give away. I should win because Im dying to go see him. I never got to see the strokes, and I was beginning to think I never would. Then Julian came out with this solo album and I just got soo excited. I get a chance to see him! I know this sounds cheesy, but I just have to say that I love and respect Julian soo much. I have a lot of admiration for him and his work he truly is a genius. I love him as if he was one of my friends. I’d be so honored if I got to see him.

  3. I’m a poor college student that has followed the strokes since “this is it ” best CD of all time. I would be so happy and grateful to be able to see such a talented artist such as Julian ….please,please, please I am at your mercy ….ps Julian rocks!

  4. I wrote the previous comment just Double checking I entered my e-mail correctly … Keeping my fingers crossed

  5. Julian and I were raised together as man-cubs under the care of Kodiak bears in Eastern Europe, hence the shaggy hair. They taught us to sing the songs of the sky, but I was jealous of Julian’s beautifully soulful voice. He sang with all the colors of the rainbow while I was missing green and a bit of red. One day, during a Day of the Moon celebration, he sang with usch purity that I felt obligated to karate chop him in the neck. It startled him and he screamed that he couldn’t live in a community filled with such bitterness. That was the last I ever saw him, but now that I’ve matured, I feel I must apologize to him and offer my services for life. I must also tell him that Mama Bear JouJou gives her regards

  6. I love Julian Casablancas and it’ll help me win over the girl I’ve been chasing for the last two months!

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