Just When I Thought I Was Over The Moveable Feasting Craze, Buttermilk Truck Pulls Me Back In!

bmt2The fine folks behind the wheel and grill of Buttermilk Truck tweeted their arrival to Melrose Avenue near Orlando just as I was about to hop on my bike and head in to work. And while their location this morning would require a decent deviation from my normal Silver Lake-to-Westchester route, it was an offer me and my hunger pangs couldn’t refuse. So I tweeted back for them to keep an eye out for a drooling cyclist and away I went West Hollywood-ward, crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t roll up on the recently launched vehicle to find the kind of crazy appetite-killing crowds these portable eateries are prone to attract.

Hallelujah! Rounding the corner from Kings Road onto Melrose I found the truck open for business at the curb and was relieved to take my place in a short queue that tripled in size within mintues of my arrival. Within a few more minutes of ordering and confirming to owner Gigi Pascual that I was indeed the drool-prone cyclist who tweeted (I hope my helmet gave it away and not any excessive salivations), my tastebuds were transported to Awesometown, taken there by their decadent Red Velvet & Chocolate Chips Pancake Bites ($5), and savory Buttermilk Biscuit Breakfast Sammich with applewood smoked bacon and a side patty of rosemary & garlic hashbrowns ($4), pictured at right.

Needless to say, I’ll be back and I highly recommend you check them out.

On the web: Buttermilk Inc.
Twitter: @ButtermilkTruck

5 thoughts on “Just When I Thought I Was Over The Moveable Feasting Craze, Buttermilk Truck Pulls Me Back In!”

  1. You sound like a complete fat ass, may you and everyone you love die a slow painful cancer related death.

  2. Hey, “No Time” I recognize your IP address and I know who you are. You have also made similar comments on other posts as “ME” and “Two Words.” Sorry to blow your anonymity.

  3. Yeah, Verdell. It looks like “No Time” might be the same pube-braiding troll who in response to my post about the swastika removal on 4th street vowed to create three for every one I erased. Charmer.

    A quick search of the yields an ISP at Jupiter Hosting in Santa Clara, Calif, but the IP location is Oslo, Norway. Also revealed is the pit-sniffing chickenshit’s apparent fetish for Daniel Radcliffe given several posts made from that address to forums at danradcliffe.com.

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