Panel of UC Regents Approve 32% Fee Increase

UC regents

Or: Taking the “Public” Out of “Public Education”

I think as a student, you always expect your fees to go up.  But 32%?  Oof.  Students and those with supportive parents are going to face a mid-year increase of 15 percent to student fees and tuition, then (ouch) another 15 percent increase effective summer 2010.  A panel of UC Regents meeting today – in front of hundreds of students protesting on campus – just agreed to the fee hikes.  This comes at a time when the same Regents are asking $913 million from the state to cover budget shortfalls and, um, in the middle of a recession that is so bad that student lenders are playing hardball when it comes to renegotiating student loans.  The full UC Regents Board will meet tomorrow to approve the approval, at which time more protests are planned.

What should the Regents do instead of barricading public access to education?  Some helpful suggestions here at the Remaking the University blog.

4 thoughts on “Panel of UC Regents Approve 32% Fee Increase”

  1. Boy am I glad I finished UCLA when I did. I’m still paying off my education, but if I were in school now, I’d be paying it off for an additional ten years. :P

  2. seriously public education is as expensive as private education nowadays. higher education is becoming more of an elitist institution, so sad for the future of california.

  3. This state is bankrupt! Your FREE education ended at High School. You want to be treated like an adult, act like one and PAY YOUR OWN WAY. The UC system already subsidizes your education with fees below their cost. What you want is continuing Student Welfare on the backs of us Tax Payers; go to a cheaper collage or to a Cal State like my kids. But NO, you want caviar education paid by others. GROW UP!

  4. Wow! Steve is ridiculous. Just because our families don’t make enough money to pay for our college education does not mean we shouldn’t be allowed to attend great collEges. I am a student at UCLA, I pay taxes and my parents pay taxes! Education is a human right! Not to mention, I have been working all four years of college and even used my savings from working in High School to help pay for my college education. Ignorant people like you, Steve, are the individuals making it hard for hard-working, intelligent young individuals to obtain a decent career in this state.

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