Win Tix to Royksopp OR Big Pink & Crystal Antlers–Tomorrow!

royksoppLA is just awash in great rock shows. Tomorrow night’s offerings include electronic duo Royksopp at Club Nokia (show info), and Big Pink with locals Crystal Antlers at the El Rey (show info).

So many shows, so little time! If you don’t know about The Big Pink, you can hear them pretty regularly on KCRW now; I have to admit I was utterly annoyed by the lyrics of “Dominoes,” but that’s just my petulant feminism and bitterness about dating too many boys in bands. When I stop to listen to the layers of sound behind the words, it’s a crazy big sonic-scape that combines the best of shoegaze, deep house and Stone Roses/Oasis/Radiohead’s “Kid A.”

And Royksopp, our somber, crunky disco pals from Norway–well, how could anyone choose between these shows?

Too bad! You’re going to have to choose. To win tix to either show, you have to explain why you love either The Big Pink or Royksopp THAT much–or for a dark-horse kind of entry, you can profess your love for Crystal Antlers.  I have a handful of ticket pairs for each show, so go crazy & good luck.

13 thoughts on “Win Tix to Royksopp OR Big Pink & Crystal Antlers–Tomorrow!”

  1. I am trying to reconnect with my norse brothers but am completely without money. I would love to go since my friend has broken his foot & lost his job (in the same week!) so i’d like to do something nice for him….plus we both adore royksopp. thanks!

  2. You would make a poor little Mexican girl’s dream of living in Sweden and surrounding myself with modern-day Vikings that much closer. Vikings and electronica are pretty much my main interests in life. Wow I sound like a crazy person but I just really love Royksopp! Thanks!

  3. how much do i love me some royksopp? enough that i’ve amassed a pretty big collection of remixes all sorts; saw them at the avalon w/annie as their opening act and then the following summer, witnessed them almost steal the show from basement jaxx at the bowl. i really wanted to attend this visit, but i’ve been pretty broke (thanks recession!) and need to save my money so i can have some turkey for next week. so in essence, i love them so much i’m begging to go see them tomorrow.

  4. I’ve loved Royksopp ever since I watched them playing inside a log cabin onstage for some MTV Europe awards show. It blew my mind how just two musicians could generate such a beautiful and multilayered sound, and they looked like they were having so much fun doing it. They’ve continually kept me dancing since then, and I certainly had a good laugh when they were featured in a commercial for the Geico indignant metrosexual caveman ad campaign. I would be overjoyed to be able to capture some of their positive energy live.

  5. It’s to Tricky Tricky to explain how much I love Röyksopp! But i will say that They Remind Me of what it is like to be True To Life. What Else Is There to do but hope i can have a Röyksopp’s Night OuT. This isn’t So Easy for me because I’m only 49 Percent sure that i will win my chance to be Triumphant. Hoping I will not lose my Head because it feels lost In Space, I can look 40 Years Back in heaven and say “because I saw Röyksopp, I’m Happy Up Here!”

  6. i’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for royksopp to return to LA since their last show at the hollywood bowl some 3-4 years ago. i think i had an non-drug-induced OBE at that show (out of body experience). i dare say it was spiritual. other signs of obsessive devotion… i replayed the Remind Me video about thirty times straight when i first saw it, just so i could dissect it (not to mention i adored the song).

    btw, hats off to mr. david berge (another poster above). nicely done! :)

  7. i have a new pair of shoes that i am dying to wear tomorrow. they’re made of leather and have these sweet little ruffles on them. they are so cute i could stare at them all day. but that would be just plain silly without a good excuse. seeing the big pink are just the thing i need! i can shoe gaze to my heart’s content without fear of reproach! i can test out their comfyness by standing around, swaying to the swirl of some good old-fashioned 4ad sound! please save me from looking like an obsessed foot-fetish femme and send me to the big pink show! :)

  8. I dig Röyksopp because I only listen to bands with umlauts in their names. I’ve been in a pretty chilled-out mood lately, so I can’t bring myself to listen to Mötley Crüe, Motörhead, Hüsker Dü, or even relatively tame stuff like Blue Öyster Cult. And let’s face it, Queensrÿche just blows. Mostly I’ve been listening to Björk, but I can only take so much of her. So tickets to Röyksopp would be absolutely perfect…

  9. R-Real Music
    K-Karin Dreijer
    O-O-mazing like Oprah
    P-Please Please Please

    This is my one chance to see them! I don’t know how to express my love for them but i can tell you that when i put on Melody AM i feel so so happy inside. Please Give me the chance to see them and if not thanks for the opportunity!

    Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland i’ll be rooting for you and maybe when Senior comes out i will have better luck saving up money!


  10. Sure some may claim Big Pink is a blatant knock off of late 80’s/early 90’s british rock but I like to think of them as a fine distilled version of that era. Time has allowed them to weed out the elements that hold up and those that don’t.

    Big arena Madchester beats – check.
    Hazy feedback – check.
    Vocalist that sounds like he’s in pain – check.

    But thankfully no flared jeans, neo-hippie mantras, and goofy hats.

  11. I am hoping to win tickets to big pink. I enter these contests all the time and never win. It seems like people win who don’t really need it and can afford the tickets. You gotta love the big pink. Great lyrics by the way: “the hottest love has the coldest end”.

  12. Give me a R! Give me a O! Give me a Y! Give Me a K! Give me a S! Give me a O P P yeah you know me!

    What does that spell? ROYKSOPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Royksopp that’s their name and if i don’t go see them tonight i’ll go insane!

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