Win Tix to A Fine Frenzy with Landon Pigg on Tuesday

finefrenzylargeA Fine Frenzy is the irresistibly adorable Alison Sudol, whom I had the pleasure of meeting about a year ago when she swung by my work. Her idiosyncratic sound is one part singer-songwriteress, one part stripped-down Tori Amos, one part Feist and one part you’re-so-cute-I-could-smack-you. She comes to the El Rey with Landon Pigg, whom I saw most recently as the typical rocker-guy-on-tour archetype opposite Ellen Page in “Whip It.” He’s a hot singer in a band who leads her down the proverbial garden path until he goes on tour and well…touring happens. Feh.

But I’m sure he’s not such a douchebag in real life, and Alison is just great, so you should go see this show.  Want tickets? Tell me about a musician you think is so awesome & talented, or so attractive & lucky, that you’ve found yourself oozing resentment every time you see them. I will feel your pain and assign tickets accordingly.

Info on the show is here.

4 thoughts on “Win Tix to A Fine Frenzy with Landon Pigg on Tuesday”

  1. Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes), that is easily one of, if not, the best songwriter of our time. He’s a complete lyrical genius yet so humble. Every project he does is so different but equally as amazing (Bright Eyes, his solo work, and now Monsters Of Folk) He is unstoppable and I wish I could be at LEAST half as talented as he is :(

  2. As a Metblogs pundit, I’m passing on the tix but just chiming in with my two cents. For me, Nick Cave is the one rocker that I resent. He always makes me think, “Damn, that’s one cool motherfucker.”

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