Lake Cachuma – Serenity Next Door

imagesTaking a breather from the city and getting outdoors is almost required in my world. With the glorious weather we’re blessed with, there’s no better time to commune with nature. Lake Cachuma, just north of Santa Barbara is the perfect antidote to the hectic city pace of LA.

A couple of weekends ago, a gang of us met at Lake Cachuma to celebrate a friends birthday…. and it was a blast! We rented a pontoon boat and cruised around the lake, just enjoying the day and each other. It was spectacular! Tons of herons in secret lagoons that fingered off the main lake, thousands of birds bobbing in the water. Although we don’t fish, I hear it’s great fishing.

As we putted around, we found lots of adventures; sandy coves to picnic on, trails, but mostly, we simply drank in the sheer beauty of nature. There’s campsites all around one side of the lake and even yurts you can rent. The boats come in all sizes, easily rented from the marina. Call and check the prices… I know the pontoons are around $150, but split between a couple of people, it’s a deal.  We got a huge one with lots of space and a canvas shade overhead. It was perfect for the day and easily pulled up on the different areas of shore we wanted to explore. Super fun way to spend a fall day!

3 thoughts on “Lake Cachuma – Serenity Next Door”

  1. Just got back from there last weekend. Boat rentals are closed “indefinitely”. Something about some permit they didn’t have anymore.
    Fished all day Saturday and Sunday morning, not one bite. Locals were there, with HUGE catfish–one was 26″. Another guy had two 12″ trout.
    Fantastic place. Fresh air is always nice…and Solvang is just 15 minutes up the road, great wine tasting and Buellton’s “Pea Soup Anderson’s” – with all you can eat pea soup for only $8.95.

  2. ohhhh no! Well I hope they re-open soon. It was a blast to cruise around. I definitely want to do it again.

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