Win Tix: Dolls Season Winding Down, Excitement Ratcheting Up!

Tough Cookies battle The Swarm on Saturday night. Photo by Stalkerazzi f/8.
Tough Cookies battle The Swarm on Saturday night. Photo by Stalkerazzi f/8.

The L.A. Derby Dolls 2009 season is drawing to a close. With only one regular season bout left (then the Championship in December,) now is the time to get to the Doll Factory for the most exciting fast-paced, full-contact sport in Los Angeles. LA MetBlogs has your tickets, so read on to find out how to get them.

The bouts have continued to get more and more exciting throughout the season. This Saturday, November 14, the action will reach a fever pitch as the Tough Cookies (2008 Champions) take on The Swarm. Both teams are undefeated this season, and will battle for the top spot in the standings.

Come with me past the jump to win your tickets to this epic bout. As a special bonus, I’ve also got your tickets to Sunday’s Baby Doll Brawl…

In addition to the great bout on the banked track, Saturday’s event will feature a half-time performance by bass & drum rock duo Evil Beaver.


As if one evening of roller derby action wasn’t enough, Sunday will feature the semi-annual Baby Doll Brawl, where Hell’s Belles will face off against The Ice Vixens. This is an afternoon all-ages event, so bring the kids. Kids love roller derby. The Baby Doll Brawl is an exhibition bout for the league’s newest skaters. These girls give it their all and show their best stuff, hoping to get drafted for the 2010 season. In addition to the Baby Dolls, half-time will feature a mini-bout with the L.A. Junior Derby Dolls (8-17 year olds.) This is going to be big fun for the whole family. Even better, kids under 10 are free!

Of course, I’ll be there both days with the ref team, The Enforcers. Come find me (“Third Degree Burns!”) and say hi.

What:    L.A. Derby Dolls roller derby
Where:  The Doll Factory, 1910 Temple Street, Los Angeles.
When:   Saturday, November 14 (Tough Cookies vs. The Swarm.) Doors at 6:00pm, bout at 8:00pm.
When:   Sunday, November 15 (Hell’s Belles vs. Ice Vixens.) Doors at 3:00pm, bout at 4:00pm.
Why:     It’s awesome!

Now for the free tickets!

I’ve got a pair of tickets and a Derby Dolls t-shirt for two lucky winners (one for each bout.) Leave me a comment below and tell me why you should be one of those winners. For bonus points, tell me what your derby name would be. Make sure you let me know if you prefer Saturday or Sunday’s bout; I’ll do my best to accommodate.

Have you had a deep love of roller derby since watching the Thunderbirds on television in the ’70s? Did you see Drew Barrymore’s “Whip It,” and fall in love with Iron Maiven & Krissy Krash (Tough Cookies skaters featured in the movie?) Cheering them on at the Doll Factory is definitely a better idea than stalking them at Trader Joe’s. Have you just heard roller derby is the coolest thing going (probably from me,) and want to check it out for yourself? Whatever the reason, tell me about it below and those tickets may be yours.

Don’t want to take a chance on a contest? You can buy tickets to both bouts through the L.A. Derby Dolls website. Don’t wait too long; Saturday’s bout will definitely sell out.

Whether you win the contest or buy your tickets, I’ll see you at the Doll Factory this weekend!

17 thoughts on “Win Tix: Dolls Season Winding Down, Excitement Ratcheting Up!”

  1. my roller derby name is Skatie Holmes and she was in action this past Halloween. click on my website link for visual confirmation. would love to go see the bout on saturday night…thanks!

  2. Would love to go to the bout on Saturday!! Have been wanting to go for so-o long! My derby name would be Lotta Bruzin!

  3. My name would be Killer Kup Kait. My boyfriend and I go to all the derby games, infact we already have tickets…. but we’ll take an extra ticket for a derby virgin or an upgrade if it’s VIP tickets (which we haven’t had). Derby is the best, I look foward to seeing my Derby Dolls every month.

  4. Derby Name: Karma Blast.
    Reason To Let Me Go Saturday: Because if you’re not bruisin’, you’re losin’.

  5. I would love to win tix for the Tough Cookies bout! My ex-coworker is a Tough Cookie and my broke self has never made one yet. I think she may get hostile soon. And quite frankly, I’m afraid of her lol.


  6. I would love love love to be able to win tickets to come and watch. I recently got into watching roller derby and am working on getting into shape so I can join. You follow me on twitter and gave me the email to write to try and join. I am a mommy of 2 who very rarely gets a break from my mom and wife duties. I would love for my rare night out to be to a roller derby event. I want to see those kick ass chicks get down and dirty, and to be able to see what it is all about. My husband is doubting that I have what it takes after I showed him some clips from a few bouts and I would love to prove him wrong. Please Please Please. I am a mommy in need of these… in need of an awesome night out. I would prefer the Saturday tickets since Sundays I usually put for going to the park with the hubby and kids, and it is our wind down day before the hubby heads back to work on Monday, but I will take Sunday as well as long as I could have the wonderful opportunity to come and see those kick ass amazing girls at their best!!!! Thanks for taking the time to hear my begging rant on way I would love the tickets. P.S. I have been playing with a few names and I like Bell Bruiser since my maiden name is Bell…

  7. I’ve never seen a derby event, and it was shocker finding out it was so close to home! I just want to see some tough ladies kick some ass Saturday night. My derby name is Missy Malady.

  8. I’ve be working 10-13 hour shifts at work; an office. I don’t even get paid the OT since I’m on salary. I’ve had a tough week/month so far. There is so much frustration building up and I would like to live vicariously through the Derby Dolls for one night for FREE (Saturday)!-My Derby name would be “PatRoller” #12.

  9. Derby name:Hell Ocho… I’m old school. even as a little kid used to watch the real ( ok, maybe not always so real) deal on TV in the 70s. I got banned from my local rink for emulating stuff I saw on the banked track… back in the old days… the all or nothin’ Kansas City Bomber Days (forget One Million BC, THATs the movie to love Raquie for!) back when Joanie Weston was queen of the bay, and Ann Calvello took no crap off nobody.
    Hell I even appreciated Rollerjam, – but NOT that asshat remake of Rollerball.
    Shoot me those tix and you’ll be putting a true believer on the rail!

  10. Went to my first event last year and loved it–just saw Whip It and loved that too. My derby name would be Eterna Return ’cause good Roller Derby always inspires profound philosophical reflection.

  11. I am a derby virgin, but dressed up as one for halloween. my derby name would be Bunni Bites. I’d like to go to Saturday’s match.

  12. Thanks everybody for more great entries on this contest. You all never disappoint, and it’s always too hard to pick a winner, so the names usually go into a hat to be picked randomly. That’s what happened this time, and the winners have been notified by email.

    If you haven’t already purchased tickets for Saturday’s bout, you’re out of luck. Saturday is SOLD OUT. There are still general admission tickets available for Sunday’s Baby Doll Brawl, though, so pick up some of those and come out to see the most exciting sport in southern California. And me.

    Whether you’re coming on Saturday or Sunday, I’ll be there, so find me (Third Degree Burns!) and say hi. It’s nice to put faces with the names. (Killer Kup Kait, I’m lookin’ at you.) I’ll see you all at the Doll Factory!

  13. I just went to the Doll House for today’s all ages show with my daughters. We loved it! Thanks metblogs!

  14. Awesome, Bluedesert! Glad you and your daughters had a great time. Get your tickets now for the Championship on December 5. It going to be spectacular!

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