Win Tix to Glassjaw & RX Bandits–Tomorrow at the Mayan!

glassjawredI know more than a couple people who will be stoked to see these classics of the post-hardcore genre. Add in the RX Bandits, who’ve been around now for over 10 years (whoa) and this is a helluva show. Also, the Mayan is a super-sweet venue.

Wanna go rawk out? We’ve got your hook-up. Tell me your favorite underground classic–you know, one of those bands where, if you see someone wearing their obscure t-shirt, you lock eyes knowingly, understanding that they are one of the chosen few. One of those bands. For me it’s Jawbreaker (so many “jaws” out there!), even though they’re dangerously bordering on being too well-known. Sue me.

Info on the show is here. May the most obscure reference win!

4 thoughts on “Win Tix to Glassjaw & RX Bandits–Tomorrow at the Mayan!”

  1. Pitchfork.

    Rick Froberg, John Reis at their best (I’m not sure if I can stand by that statement. Hot Snakes F’ing rock.)

    Burn Pigs Burn.

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