Huey Lewis & the News…Yes, We Actually Have Tickets

hueylewisI couldn’t turn these down. Thanks to Dani at Goldenvoice for hooking a girl up with tix to HUEY LEWIS AND THE m-f’in NEWS (show info: Thursday @ Club Nokia) to give out to a select few of you lucky, lucky people!

I admit it. After my first cassette tape–Stacey Q –I then acquired two from Huey Lewis and the News.

I listened, somewhat nonplussed by the deep and complex narratives and unable to appreciate the profound artistic flourishes, because I was only maybe eleven years old. If I had only known. If I had only known.

Wanna go to the show? I just bet you do. It’s the POWER OF LOVE.

Ok, I’ll stop. Comment & tell me the first piece of music you bought. LP, EP, cassette, CD, maybe you’re 12 and it was a mp3. Whatever. Let me know, & be sure to check your email regularly in case you win!

26 thoughts on “Huey Lewis & the News…Yes, We Actually Have Tickets”

  1. my first big purchase was salt n pepa’s ‘very necessary’ — still worth listening to this day. i have to thank my brothers’ influence for booty music, i guess.

  2. It would have been cassette, and i’m not sure which exact one it was, but I stronlgy suspect it was “Starship – Knee Deep in the Hoopla”. Still love it! :P

    Huey Lewis was purchased shortly after! Used to be a columbia member..

  3. I definitely bought “the party” which was mmc’s spin off group, that is very embarrassing.

  4. Hurts So Good on 45 by John Cougar later John Cougar Mellencamp and now just John Mellencamp. Huey Lewis was my first concert in 85 at the mid-state fair

  5. I bought The Point by Harry Nillson at a garage sale in 1978. My sister and I sang “me and my Arrow” for days. I still have the album.

  6. Lucinda you screwed this one up big time. There was a much greater contest you could have run, “Name a band worse than Huey Lewis & The News and you get a free pair of tickets to see Huey Lewis & The News.”

    Um wait……… Since no one could possibly name a worse band then no one could win th…….. Nevermind;-)

  7. Hmm… first CD I bought was G+R’s Appetite for Destruction. first album I remember getting was Police Synchronicity (which I promptly traded with my sister for Journey). First piece of music I bought for myself though may have been *hangs head* Debbie Gibson’s ‘Only in My Dreams’.

  8. First piece of music I ever bought with my own money was Thriller on cassette! I remember saving up my allowance ($2 a week) and doing extra chores for the $10 tape. Then I let a friend borrow it and he “accidentally” lost it. The next day he gave me a bootleg Thriller cassette (remember how you could buy these at the swap meet?) Needless to say, I refuse to let anyone borrow my tunes…

  9. Huey Lewis won’t replace my need for Classic Eats! When can we go out again? Jeff and Donna and inquiring minds wanna know…

  10. The first piece of music I ever bought with my own money…hmm, I think it was Berlin’s Pleasure Victim on cassette. I was 9 or 10.

    If you count something my parents bought for me before I ever received an allowance (I was like 5, allowance didn’t start until a couple years later), it was KISS’s Alive! also on cassette. KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park was very important to me when I was a kid.

    I actually can’t make the concert. I just thought I’d share.

  11. Still remember it like it was yesterday. Stepdad took me to The Warehouse where I bought Bryan Adams’ “Reckless” on cassette. I was 10. Oh magical cassette days, how I miss you.

  12. I may be dating myself here but it was “Undercover Angel” by Alan O’Day in 1977 on 45, of course. I couldn’t afford one of those fancy 8-track players.

  13. It was the summer of 1985 at the Berea, Ohio KMART. I was way into the Beverly Hills Cop “Axl F” Theme by Harold Faltermeyer (falling JUST short of the Miami Vice Theme that summer on my list of coolness), but my Mom wouldn’t buy it for me because there was a picture of Eddie Murphy on the sleeve of the 45RPM holding a mean looking pistol. She must’ve just read an instructional book on parenting (guaranteed it would’ve been purchased at the same KMART) so what did it do? Totally conned my poor Grandma into buying it for me the next weekend, and so began my storied career of lying and deceiving.

  14. All right you eager beavers. This contest is closed while I choose the most embarrassing confessions…er, I mean, enter your names into the auto-unbiased-winner-generator and have it randomly pick a few winners.

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