See Nissan’s First Zero Emissions Car This Weekend

On November 14, 15 and 16, locals will have the opportunity to check out Nissan’s first ever zero-emissions electric car, the LEAF. This will be the first public unveiling of the LEAF in North America. You can check it out this weekend at the following locations:

Nissan's New Electric Car Debuts in LA this Weekend
Nissan's New Electric Car Debuts in LA this Weekend

November 14, 2009 10am – 9pm
Third Street Promenade
1351 3rd Street Promenade
Santa Monica, CA

November 15, 2009 11am – 8pm
Americana at Brand
233 S. Brand Blvd.
Glendale, CA

November 16, 2009 9am – 5pm
University Southern California
3501 Trousdale Parkway
Los Angeles, CA

According to Nissan, the LEAF handles and accelerates like a V6 and has a top speed of up to 90mph. It will have an average range of 100 miles per charge and the battery will charge in 4-8 hours on a 220V home charging unit. At quick-charge stations, it will charge to 80% in about 26 minutes. Although Nissan has not released exact information on pricing, they say that they are “targeting a price in the range of other typical family sedans.” The LEAF will be on the road in some states in 2010, with mass-production beginning in 2012.

To attend one of the unveiling events this weekend, register on their website here.

11 thoughts on “See Nissan’s First Zero Emissions Car This Weekend”

  1. I hate to be a wet blanket, because I really love the idea of zero-emissions cars. The problem I have is a car that costs just as much as (usually more than) other cars in their class, yet only have a range of 100 miles and take 4-8 hours (or even 26 minutes) to refuel. My Honda Accord has a 350-400 mile range, and takes 3-4 minutes to refuel. These would be great for around town, commuting to work, etc., but not very versatile.

    Man, I sound like a dick. It is a great idea and looks cute & all, but I’m hoping they can develop the battery technology (soon) to make these vehicles actually be practical.

  2. This looks interesting, but I would like to see a top speed of at least 100 mph. You never know when you might need to pass another car at top speed. For safety reasons, of course.

  3. I like the idea of cars that run on electricity only, but I really think they should make them cure cancer too.

  4. I hate to toss another wet blanket in this party as well. Don’t get me wrong, electric cars are a big part of our future and I see them shrinking in price as quantity increases. The problem lies in they are only “zero emission at point of operation”. Our current power infrastructure is based on fossil fuels so they are still contributing to the CO2 problem and gritty emissions. Unless you have your own solar system or wind generator to charge them these cars aren’t truly “emission free”.

    I think the best bet for the long term future of the auto is going to be the fuel cell. I’ve driven one and it is amazing. When fueled with hydrogen from a solar power plant, like a Shell station in SaMo does, that becomes a CO2 free source of power for the car AND zero emissions.

  5. To piss on this from a different direction, I’d just like to say that there are plenty of zero emission vehicles out there already.

  6. @Evan

    There really aren’t that many ZE vehicles available that the common person can afford. The Leaf is really the first full BEV to be produced en mass at an affordable price point.

  7. I’m with Fraz on the electricity generation issue. Patting oneself on the back for driving a “zero emission” electric vehicle ignores the fact that, too often, it’s dirty mercury-producing coal that generates that electricity that you need to plug into each night. So while it’s great that these cars cut down on the use of gasoline, they only solve half the problem, or less.

    @Evan, Verdell didn’t say that the Leaf was the first ZE car, only that it was Nissan’s first. They may be late to the party, but better late than never.

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