Dear LA Food Bloggers: Please Do Not Shut Down

October 2, 2009 at 3:22 pm in Food & Drink

3084916981_b105282b9aEater, a blogging network focused on the food/restaurant scene with a web outpost here in LA (EaterLA), relaunched today with a spiffy new site design and a not-so-spiffy-downright-jerky offer: a paltry $25 if you shut down your food blog.  The rationale?  Because your food blog is part of a “massive amount of noise” – of which Eater, in its infinite food wisdom, plays no drums.  If you take the offer, you agree to “cease all publication of foodie rambling, blabbering, and drooling over ridiculously mundane foodstuffs.”  In other words: leave it to the self-proclaimed professionals.

I’m here to implore all LA food bloggers: don’t do it!  Caroline on Crack, I read your blog daily.  Potatomato, I love your kawaii reviews and pictures.  Eat, Drink & Be Merry, you have one of the best non-annoying how-we-met stories I’ve ever heard, with a bonus because it involves food.

Where Eater hears noise, I hear music.  Useful, creative, adventurous music.  Eater won’t dare go to Compton, but SinoSoul will.  Eater forgets that the food essence of LA is the literal melting pot of flavors from all cultures – how else to explain their glaring omission of ethnic eateries from its “The 38 Essential Los Angeles Restaurants” list? – but Journey of an Epicurean Cutie remembers.

There are countless other blogs and posts that I’ve relied upon to be my food canaries: when I needed to check out a restaurant before committing.  When I knew I’d be in an unfamiliar part of town and would need a lunch break.  When I needed to know if that fancy dish was worth over $20.

We don’t need one voice to dictate taste, culinary or not.  Twenty-five bucks to shut down is a bribe, an insulting one at that, from a scared network that overvalues its opinion and undervalues community.  We don’t need one giant blogger network to dictate what is tasteworthy and what is not.  We need you.

Tell ‘em to take the $25 and put it towards hiring a decent copy editor.  And maybe a fact-checker too.



Photo courtesy Atwater Village Newbie via the Metblogs’ Flickr pool.

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