LAPD Response Time Open Thread

This is all hearsay and speculation and whatnot but I’ve been hearing a lot of people complaining about both an uptick in crime near their houses, as well as a serious increase in response time when they call the LAPD to report said crime. I’m hoping to have a little more solid reporting on this shortly but in the meantime I thought I’d ask you folks if you’ve had any experience with either of these issues recently so I can compare issues around town. I live in Venice and apparently we just had our designated patrols cut from over 30 officers to less than 10 for the entire area. In the past 24 hours I’ve spoken to two residents who have called the police because of disturbances right outside their house (one called the local dispatch one called 911) and in both cases officers took over an hour to respond. Members on the forums over on Yo Venice are discussing an increase in robberies. So, is this just something happening around me or is the rest of the city seeing similar changes?

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  1. Alarmist much today Mr. Bonner? Can’t OMG OMG be written before all the posts today? I agree respond time sucks but it always has, not to mention I don’t count on LA Metblogs as my reliable news source.

    Usually I enjoy your posts but today it’s a little over the top. Did you just get bored? I mean LAX too? OMG OMG!!

  2. I would like to hear from higher calibre people on this subject because I don’t feel safe taking my dog out after 9pm anymore. And before you say I’m a wimp, I used to live on Shotwell in the Mission with sex workers on my block and people shooting up outside my door.

    We started a neighborhood watch on Shotwell and the Mission Police got really involved and things started to really clean up. My hope is that we can start a Watch on Speedway unless there already is one and I’m not aware of it.

  3. Honestly maybe it is a little alarmist but seriously in the last 30 days I’ve seen, first hand, police presence drop noticeably and much more blatant drug activity around my house. And I know people who have had serious issues that the LAPD simply hasn’t been able to respond to. I’m skeptical and don’t ever expect them to in the first place, but seeing other people get upset makes me wonder how bad things are hence the questions.

    If you read my archives here I have a long history of assuming the police won’t be there and advocating people take steps to defend themselves.

  4. Of course people have every right to be concerned. I’m just saying it’s hard to isolate the importance of a post when I’m not sure what I should be concerned about more, a flight at LAX (local and late breaking!), LAPD response time, or North LA versus East LA definitions by Google.

    Order of importance in my opinion for sure places public safety at a priority. But it’s easy to not take it very seriously among the bunch. I just found the whole day’s worth a bit silly overall. But, then again, who am I to say? I don’t even post here, I just read.

    And I actually don’t walk after 9pm, unless I’m in a very crowded public place, ever. So, no wimp-calling here. :)

    Go community organize already. :)

  5. Within the last week, I’ve talked to a friend who went to a community meeting organized by the Altadena Sheriff’s Station in response to an uptick in crime, and to another friend in southwest Pasadena who went to a meeting organized by the Pasadena Police for the same reason. The SW Pas meeting was in direct response to a recent home invasion robbery.

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