LA Derby Dolls: Worldwide Live!

Watch the Derby Dolls from the comfort of your own Intertube.
Watch the Derby Dolls from the comfort of your own Intertube.

Tonight at 6:30, the Los Angeles Derby Dolls are taking the excitement of high-speed all-female banked track roller derby out of the Doll Factory in Historic Filipinotown and bringing it live to the entire planet via the World Wide Web.

Varsity Brawlers (the pretty team) will take on Tough Cookies (last year’s champs) in a full-length exhibition game streamed live to your very own home, office, or car (if you’re on your laptop, parked down the street stealing WiFi.)

Now how much would you pay? But wait! There’s more!…

Have you seen the trailer for Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut, “Whip It?” I can’t wait to see it when it’s released this weekend. Barrymore, Ellen Page (“Juno,”) Juliette Lewis (“Old School,”) and other stars from the movie will be at the event for a post-bout Q&A. I’m told you can submit your questions online, too. There will also be a live half-time concert by Landon Pigg.

All for the low, low price of…FREE. That’s right! All you have to do is log in to at 6:30pm and it will all stream right out of the internets and into your eyeballs and ear holes.

I’m kind of excited about this, so there’s even more. Click the link and follow me…I’ve written about the Derby Dolls before, so you already know I’m a big fan. It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a roller derby evangelist. What you may not know is that as of about a month ago, I’m also a new member of the Enforcers (Derby Dolls ref team.) You can call me Third Degree Burns! I’m hoping to have some roller derby insider stories for you soon, but so far I’ve been having too much fun to stop and write about it. Can I tell you the best part about my new team, though? The Enforcers always win.

We here at LA MetBlogs may have had an indirect hand in bringing another disciple to roller derby, as well. Our very first Derby Dolls ticket winner back in February used those tickets to attend his very first bout. He hasn’t missed a bout since, and now he is one of the new Enforcers, too. I won’t tell you his government name, but when you come out to see him at the Doll Factory he’s known as Schindler’s Fist.

As exciting as tonight’s webcast is going to be, once you see it on the screen you’ll want to come see all of the action live and close-up. Luckily, you can do just that this weekend! Tonight’s exhibition game is a preview of the official bout happening this Saturday, October 3. Here’s a little teaser:


These bouts are known to sell out, so get your tickets now at the Derby Dolls website. Just scroll down to the big pink box that says “Buy Tickets Online Now.”

Log in tonight and see it on the web. Come out Saturday night and see it live. After the bout Saturday you should find me, say hi and tell me what a great time you had. I already know, but it’s nice to hear anyway.

Are you as excited about tonight’s webcast, Saturday’s live bout, or “Whip It” as I am? Leave me a comment below. Fellow roller derby fan? Or just think I’m a crazed roller derby cultist? Raise your voice and be heard (via text below.)

5 thoughts on “LA Derby Dolls: Worldwide Live!”

  1. First off, WHIP IT is AMAZING. Yeah, it’s a teeny-bopper empowerment chick flick and hauls out some well-worn cliches, but it does them well enough that I cried like a little bitch throughout the whole showing on Saturday. Second, you know how someone can watch “A League of Their Own”, and even if they HATE baseball, there are some sequences that make the passion understandable? WHIP IT does that for roller derby. Thirdly, there’s a HUGE GAPING PLOT HOLE in WHIP IT, but who cares? It’s a wonderful movie that I recommend to anyone who is or has ever had a parent.

    Now, as to the Dolls. My first roller derby bout was LADD (I live in Phoenix) and I proudly sport my LADD shirt whenever we have “sports shirt” day at work (GO FIGHT CREW!!!!) I love roller derby (especially banked track), and while Texas has the notoriety, the LA teams kick total ass.

  2. Well I certainly am glad to see you are involving yourself in something so noble! To other readers: I have personaly known the author / enforcer, (TDB!), for over 20 years. I always wondered what would become of him, and I am sure this is just a taste of his magnificent future! Way To Go Third Degree Burns!!
    I am looking forward to tonites festivites, hell I may even pop some corn!

  3. This Schindler’s Fist sounds like a handsome and charming fellow. I hope to make his acquaintance someday.

  4. LuMi: Thanks!

    Marie: I’ve not had the pleasure of witnessing the TXRD, but I must agree that the LA teams do kick total ass. Those broads (a term of endearment) RAWK!

    Charlie: Hope you enjoyed the show and it was worth popping the corn. You know I’ve always had fun, and it just keeps getting better. Don’t know that I’ll ever be able to top this, though.

    Edwin: It’s almost as if you’re already familiar with Mssr. Fist. Charming & handsome? You don’t know the half of it. Everyone should be so lucky as to become acquainted with him.

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