Developing: Plane halted at LAX

Confusing mixed up details of something going down right now at LAX. According to the LA Times a plane has been stopped from taking off and has been relocated to be searched. That’s the agreed upon details, LAPD says two men were removed from the plane for acting suspicious, FBI says one man was detained after failing to comply with safety instructions. Will post updates as I get them.

UPDATE: False alarm. Guess this is what happens when someone with brown skin decides to go to the bathroom when the flight attendants say sit down.

2 thoughts on “Developing: Plane halted at LAX”

  1. I was on the plane, in the back row.

    The guy really had to go to the bathroom and didn’t listen to the flight attendants telling him to sit down. We were first in line to take off and it forced the plane to leave the runway.

    The guy also caused trouble at the gate, so the plane headed back to the gate to take him off. Once they discovered he had been speaking arabic and that it was Yom Kippur the crazy begun.

    The plane filled up with LAPD, TSA, and FBI. Paranoia began with the passengers quickly. I met the bomb testing guy. We all had to deplane while they went over the whole plane with dogs and lots of people. We got rescreened and got back on the plane. 4+ hours later, the plane took off.

    All because a guy couldn’t wait until after takeoff to pee.

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