How to white wash a murder Monrovia style.

A murder was simply reported at “domestic violence” with the body left in the street a couple of days ago in the local paper.  That was the official information given out by the city of Monrovia regarding the incident.

Turns out it was much more to the story than what was initially given to the SGV Tribune, and fortunately they were tenacious enough to follow the story.  Turns out the victim was porn actress “Felecia Tang”.   Her boyfriend according to the Crime Scene blog is being held on 2M bail for the torture and dismemberment of the young actress also known as Felecia Lee.

Now Fox news, save your jeers and sneers, is reporting that the alleged murder appeared on “America’s sexiest Bachelor” and held degrees in biblical study and worked as a “Christian mime”.  Full Fox story here.

Sad she died the way she did, but at least the alleged murder is in custody.

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  1. damn.. why the hell didnt i know about this.. crazy shit.. did this really happen in monrovia??

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