13 thoughts on “Google deciding what is “East LA””

  1. a.) Haters?

    b.) It seems Google may have missed the mark a bit. Of course, if you type “East Los Angeles” into a Google map, it pins the marker at the 60 & 710 freeways. Closer?

  2. To me, East L.A. is just the unincorporated area. I call the Eastside neighborhoods that are in Los Angeles by name — Boyle Heights, Lincoln Heights.

  3. considering how terribly inaccurate their traffic maps are this doesnt surprise me. While that area shares a lot with the real east LA, it makes more (common) sense to call that area North LA since it’s directly north of downtown. There is absolutely no east about it.

  4. if you scroll down towards the real East LA, it says that too – “East Los Angeles” right where you think it should be. Anyway, it’s just for reference – it’s not a bible. Everyone should calm down and take a breath.

  5. sorry to say East Los Angeles is a whole city outside of los angeles with a separate zip code from the 900’s…you can say you live on the eastside or live in the north-east..If you say you live in East L.A. you better hope it’s past Lorena.

  6. There’s a Yahoo group, ‘nelalist’, for Northeast Los Angeles. To quote from their home page:


    Including the Northeast Los Angeles (NELA) neighborhoods of Glassell Park, Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Mount Washington, Montecito Heights, Lincoln Heights, El Sereno, Hermon, Cypress Park and Elysian Valley.

    nelalist messages pertain to Northeast Los Angeles. Membership is open to NELA community residents, and it’s free! Past discussions include Public Storage, Taylor Yard, Van de Kamp, Chinatown Yards, MTA Gold Line and local elections.”
    The link for the messages is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nelalist/messages?o=1

    Judging by the map shown on this post, it looks almost like Google is following Yahoo on this, but not using the full name…Northeast Los Angeles.
    Of course when the LATimes came out with their neighborhood guide, there was a LOT of comments on how wrong the Times had gotten some boundaries/descriptions.

  7. Gabriele360 is right about the Northeast L.A. designation. Sadly, the folks at Google think Northreast L.A. and East L.A. are the same. Compare land prices and you’ll get a quick education on that folly. Thankfully, Google maps is on the mark when they zero in on the 60 and 710 fwys. That is precisely the heart of East L.A., smack dab in Commerce. Of course, as long as you’re in Boyle Hieghts or Lincoln Heights, you can still claim eastside props.

  8. The entire area in question I consider the East Side, but I live in Lincoln Heights, which I consider Northeast LA. For me it comes down to describing where I live, which is “Just northeast of Downtown.”

  9. I’m in Glassell Park (my house is on that map) and I refer to the area as Northeast El Lay, not “the eastside” or “east LA”.

  10. What gets me is that despite its 130 year history, Google maps in this view omits my community of Highland Park.

    Maybe the East LA is there because it’s located over the house of East LA’s County Supervisor Gloria Molina.

  11. What is east of downtown LA is the east side. What is west is the west side. Silverlake, Hollywood, all west side. It’s social morons and climbers who don’t know how to use a map.

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