Conan O’Brien falls during taping

Conan O’Brien fell during the taping of his show today at Universal Studios, hitting the back of his head as he was performing a skit with guest Terri Hatcher. O’Brien walked off the set, returned, then left again. A  short while later, announcer Andy Richter announced that the remainder of the taping was being canceled, saying Conan was “up and walking around” but was going to see a doctor “just to be sure he’s okay.”

I was in the studio audience for the taping.

3 thoughts on “Conan O’Brien falls during taping”

  1. It’s good he decided to get checked out. Not to be alarmist, but it’s difficult not to think about Natasha Richardson. She didn’t think she hit her head very hard…

    I hope everything turns out okay.

  2. In an unrelated story, Andy Richter is being questioned for theft of Conan’s invisible string missing minutes before fall.

    Hope he’s ok.

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