“Friends Cook at Canelé” Featuring the Fabulous Mr. Hooks

caneleSometimes frequent commenters distinguish themselves often enough with witty prose, clever insights, cool tips, spirited defense (when we’re assailed by trolls), and just-plain-neat-ness that we here at Metblogs take our relationship to the next level. You saw it with Burns!, now an author, who started out as a passionate & well-spoken (well-written?) commenter. Now I have to introduce you to Mr. Hooks, who, while he demurely passed on my invite to become an author (he’s a busy man, after all), has come to almost all our Classic Eats events and meetups and has become–dare I say it!–a Friend.

The friendly Mr. Hooks is becoming Chef Hooks tomorrow night, and you all will get a chance to meet him as he becomes the latest Friend to cook in the “Friends Cook at Canelé” series–occasional Tuesday nights when the bistro/tapas/wine bar opens up its kitchen to select lucky bastards (I think you have to call them & ask, plan a menu within their price point, and just be downright righteous) to curate & cook their own recipes in a dinner service.

Chef Hooks’ own recipes, featured tomorrow, include sweet corn soup with avocado crème frâiche, cilantro oil & bacon lardon and pan-fried skate wing in brown butter lemon sauce with apples, young leeks, and a cauliflower purée. Dessert is a riff on the summery fave of strawberry soup. Your very reasonable cost for this three-course price-fixe is about thirty smackers.

Our compliments to the chef!

3 thoughts on ““Friends Cook at Canelé” Featuring the Fabulous Mr. Hooks”

  1. Thanks! I had a lot of fun, and I learned a lot about how a restaurant kitchen works – it was better than watching “Hell’s Kitchen,” heh. It was pretty much 8 hours of nonstop work, though there was a bit of standing-around time here and there when nobody was ordering my food, especially toward the end of the night. The time just flew by. I ended up jumping back and forth between doing the skate and doing the soup, plus occasionally doing things not related to my food at all (the restaurant was down one cook that night). For a while, I thought my head was going to explode, but it was all very exciting.

    I must admit I was extremely intimidated, and I probably should have spoken up about a few things that were omitted or altered, but I didn’t want to cause trouble when the kitchen was already in the weeds. Because of that, and since the food had to fit the style of the restaurant, nothing came out quite as I had envisioned. But hopefully everyone still liked the food. Canelé is a really good restaurant, and everyone there was very helpful and friendly. If you like to cook, I recommend trying Friends Cook yourself. It’s a great experience.

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