“Autumn Lights” Illuminates Pershing Square Saturday

And thank goodness…because Lord knows Pershing Square needs better lighting at night.

Ha! But seriously, folks, this isn’t just another boring old art show. These are people who create illuminated sculptures, lighted fashion, interactive light “happenings,” paint with light…beginning in the afternoon, Autumn Lights will fill Pershing Square with sweeping vistas of color, with about 50 artists doing all sorts of cool stuff with the visible, and possibly invisible, spectrum. There will be art (duh), projections, music, and illuminations that light up the surrounding buildings. No peeing in that dark corner, homeless dude! I can SEE you tonight!

Info on Autumn Lights is here; a full list of participating artists is here.

Just a few of the amazing things you can expect to see, below (click pics to visit the artists’ respective sites):

Jerico Woggon Tiffany Trenda Charlie Cho

I have to say, I do wish they’d done this on the night of an Artwalk; it just seems like so many more people would have seen it. That one complaint aside, I’ll definitely be there.

3 thoughts on ““Autumn Lights” Illuminates Pershing Square Saturday”

  1. Please do come and check it out it will be amazing!

    FYI it’s not on Art Walk night because the other nights of the month need love too. Art Walk no longer needs help to thrive, it’s attracting 12,000 people. There are 30 other days of the month that are available to make downtown Los Angeles the city center that it is destined to be.

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