Station Fire continues to resist containment.

statmapviewerOver 2 weeks old there are still 3 hot spots that continue to be difficult for fire fighters to bring into complete containment and alleviate concerns for the Foothill Cities in the SGV.

Those most threatened, like Monrovia,  have a manned fire information center where locals can ask questions and determine best for themselves what the risk is.  Right now for Arcadia, Sierra Madre, Monrovia, Bradbury, Azusa and Duarte to be in immediate danger the largest of the fire lines would need to climb one ridge, then another then work down into those cities.  In short, conditions and crew in place are such that it likely won’t be happening.  We will need to deal with the fine powdery ash and faint smoke smell until at least the 19th when containment is expected to be complete.stationfirestats

Monrovia’s Fire Information Center is set up at the Pavilions Market on Foothill Blvd.  There are a total 12 FICs in place in the SGV, but only Monrovia and Sierra Madre which were considered to be at greatest risk last week have manned FICs.  The FICs will remain in  place until containment is achieved.  The pic here is a scan of today’s fire status handout that does get bigger with a click.

Yesterday I wanted to go up Highway 39 into San Gabriel Canyon and wasn’t able to due to a CHP Roadblock.  Though that area is within the Morris Fire burn area that is contained and out, other fire related hazards remain.  I learned from the Fire Captain I spoke with today that yesterday there was a landslide that trapped 4 fire crew members on the mountain.  Turns out that the loss of the hillside vegetation as destabilized the hills and boulder and rock slides are common.  (Imagine the problems if we have a wet winter).  Additionally, Highway 39 will remain closed until all of the burned out guard rails have been replaced.

A final note.  This arson fire has cost us over $94 Million and it is still not out.