Gas lines

Does this happen anywhere else? Besides Costco, that is. I’ve lived here for almost 3 years and I’m still astounded to see these long lines for gas everyday. This am/pm is on the corner of Eastern Ave. and Huntington Dr. It’s a busy intersection and the station’s 3 egress channels are always blocked with parked cars waiting their turn.

The exit onto Eastern Ave. (not seen in the photo) is the worse. If you get gas at the channel parallel to Eastern Ave., chances are you’ll be stuck there for a long time because of cars blocking you both the exit there and the first egress on Huntington.

6 thoughts on “Gas lines”

  1. Lines were never so crazy as they got to be during the gas-rationing days of Los Angeles in the late-70s when my mom’s Mustang sported a famed “C Sticker,” which indicated what days she was allowed to get fuel. Cars were stacked 20-30 deep back from the pump during those dark times.

  2. That particular gas station is awful, is must be something with the design layout. People coming in from both directions. Just the other day I bailed after trying to push in for 10 minutes.

  3. And the ARCOs near me at least don’t take credit cards either (though I think they take debit cards). So this may be a combo of more time-consuming transactions + lower prices. In particular, the Phillips “76” stations near me have hit the magic $4 per gallon again for premium. Oh, it reads “$3.99.9,” but I think we all know that the penny is our smallest monetary unit.

  4. I’ve seen lines at Arco’s before, but never this bad. I agree with Jim, that it has to be the layout. The one of Fairfax Ave. and Beverly Blvd. can get stacked, but I’ve never seen cars spilling out onto the streets. The other nearby stations are a 76, which, as Matt said, 10 – 15 cents more, but there’s a Shell not even half a mile away that’s only 2 – 3 cents more. It’s never full.

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