Can’t get enough of Ruth666? View “The Filter” for more.

Who says writing at Metblogs won’t get you fame and fortune, or at least another gig to be heard?  Our own Ruth666 snarked a few weeks back about Senator Feinstein’s attempt to interfere with medical marijuana and got the attention of  “The Filter”. “The Filter” is Fred Roggin’s YouTube show that interviews and debates local news and pop culture issues.  She was invited to be one of the weekly debaters.  This weeks episode was so big it actually had to be broken into two episodes.  To catch part two of this weeks installment you need to make the jump.

4 thoughts on “Can’t get enough of Ruth666? View “The Filter” for more.”

  1. “support the country or get the hell out”???

    seems like the ghosts of bush, rumsfeld, cheney, and the right wing neo-cons channelled themselves through ruth for a moment


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