Heaven’s Gate

I’m not much for gates along Ballona Creek — especially in the wake of last year’s attempts by residents to close off access near Culver Drive and Sawtelle in hopes of detering crime. Thankfully such misguided efforts were never carried out — or at least continue to be postponed.

But I’ll make an exception in the case of the below gate, found at the Inglewood Boulevard access to the Ballona Creek Bikeway in Mar Vista (and closed only for purposes of this picture), because it so wonderfully replaces its predecessor, a nondescript, rusting and bent blockade of the craptastic chainlink variety:

bcgate(click for the bigger picture)

Since I exit the bikeway here coming to work in the mornings and re-enter it coming home in the evenings pretty much every weekday, I’ve been monitoring the progress being made on this little pocket park beautification effort for the last couple months. And it was last night on my way home that I found the final piece of the project installed which marvelously depicts a flowing creek’s edge scene with a heron looking on as two egrets angle for a snack.

Other than the gate being one of three funded through the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (the other two areĀ  upstream at the creek’s Sepulveda Boulevard access and downstream at McConnell Avenue), I couldn’t find any information about the artist, but this one looks very similar to the one found a couple blocks west at Centinela Avenue, which was done by Brett Goldstone. Goldstone also did the Great Heron Gate on the Los Angeles River at Fletcher Drive.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. We live along Duquesne, right above the access ramp to the path. I love the photo you took, too. The perfect light– and the bike along the side, juxtaposed, yet oddly fitting.

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