Free Art in October

Natural History Museum pic
Aw, free days at the museum are meant for pictures like these.

The recession has created at least two things: 1) a lot of people with idle time and no money; and 2)  a cry for art to adequately reflect our discontent, anger, and haplessness.  Ok, the second one is not readily apparent, or maybe it’s not true (it should be true); nonetheless, during the first weekend in October, 22 museums will swing open their doors and let the idle masses stampede their way into their halls, a la the early days of the White House, and contemplate their existence or whatever else pops into one’s head when staring at purple walls.  Museums participating in “Museums Free for All” on October 2 and 3 will offer free general admission to the mostly unemployed public on one or both days (you’ll still have to pay for any special ticketed exhibits).  Participating museums include the California Science Center, the Grammy Museum, MOCA, and the Natural History Museum.  (Note also that the Getty is “participating” on both days, but message to Los Angeles: the Getty is free all the time.)

The full list is here.  Stampede away.

“BB & The Bear” photo courtesy moeberg via the Metblogs flickr pool.

2 thoughts on “Free Art in October”

  1. The Getty is free all the time if you don’t count $15 parking. If you’re going solo, that’s a pretty pricey museum admission. It would be awesome if they waived parking fees on those days.

  2. Excellent point, marshall. Parking is free, however, after 5pm on Saturdays, so that would be the time to go.

    It would be awesome if parking was included but, alas, it’s not. There’s a limit to the free-ness of the art. Sigh.

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