10 thoughts on “ICME: Rules, Rules, Rules”

  1. The last time I saw the sign “No Boys Allowed Unless With Female Patron,” it was at Plato’s Retreat in NYC. Ok, not really, I was too young. But so I was told.

  2. Unfortunately for you, Sexism is not Illegal. Especially if the privately owned store is solely geared towards women. Especially if the store sells mostly intimate apparel. And if you want to state, well Victoria’s Secret?!? VS is a corporation and because it is, there are different riles and regulations they have to apply to their business. There are many many businesses especially in the greater Los Angeles Area that women only. And as for Loss of Profit, yeah accepting credit cards is a loss of profit and a waste of time. Do you even know how much the fees are? And are you aware that the nail salon next to me loss $20,000 in profit from CC transactions that were eventually denied from the customer of ever using the card at that establishment. So for all the know-it-alls who made the comments concerning the CA State Laws of Business, the codes are public accessible and you should really read up on those.

    My store and products are not only all OOAK and handmade, but I have designed the store and atmosphere to allow women to just be themselves and have fun. It’s basically dress-up for women 25+. Everything in the store has a strong Japanese influence (i did live there for 8 years, and my husband is Japanese too). And if you are needing any other credentials. I am a CPA and registered in CA. I have my M-A-S-T-E-R-S in Accounting from CSULB. I am also a commercial property investor. I SOLELY OWN AND OPERATE ALL MY BUSINESS.

    You will be more than welcome to come to my store, if you can ever get yourself a date!

    BTW, you just missed Num Num Kawaii US 1 year anniversary, & Num Num Kawaii JP Grand Opening. I’ll make sure to keep you current on my Profit losses if any happen to occur.

    Num Num Kawaii

  3. Gender discrimination is illegal if initiated by a third person. Because my store is owned and operated by 1 person and does not sell items for the intention to be used or worn by a man and has a communal changing area I am able to instate my business rules and policies. I do allow male customers freely if accompanied by a female patron. I also allow an individual male customer with the intentions to purchase products for a gf/friend to shop at the store during normal business hours. Any customers male or female who are not shopping in the store will be asked to leave. Male customers who wish to be fitted for dresses (which is nearly everything I sell) Must make an appointment, Just like all my customers. Dresses requiring fittings are one-on-one and private only. These rules have been established for safety reasons.

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