Wee But Tasty: Chatsworth/Porter Ranch Farmers’ Market

Click for my full photoset.
Click for my full photoset.

When Chatsworth isn’t on fire, it’s actually kind of neat. And so far since this northwest corner of the Valley has escaped fire season (crosses fingers, knocks on wood, kisses rabbit’s foot), you should venture on out this Saturday & check out their adorable farmers’ market in the parking lot at the sylvan St. Stephen Presbyterian Church, where willowy eucalyptus bends over the farm stands and the vendors’ kids run around & play on the grass.

It’s small, but there are enough fruit & veggie vendors to create a diverse selection of produce, from cactus fruit (“fruta di nopales,” said the lady, attempting to communicate with me despite my limited Spanish) to brilliantly colored white and yellow peaches, nectarines, pluots and strawberries.

My favorite booth has to be the one from Shabazz Bakery, though, staffed by what I’m guessing were the only African-American people in all of Chatsworth that day, serving up carrot pie, navy bean pie and pecan pie from 60-year-old recipes. My mom & I, who were spending a lazy Saturday afternoon together, were blown back by the samples they gave us and we bought two pies each to take home.

Chatsworth / Porter Ranch Certified Farmers’ Market: 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., St. Stephen Presbyterian Church Parking Lot, 20121 Devonshire St. (cross street is Winnetka Ave.)