Limo gets stuck in the Hollywood Hills, blocks traffic


My usual shortcut around Highland traffic was impeded by this limo, whose front fender had gotten stuck on a curb. His attempts to back out of the trap only caused the back tires to spin and burn rubber. (map)

All the while, the passengers would poke their heads out occasionally, express frustration at the driver, then hide whenever they saw someone taking a photo – which included almost everyone, like me, who had to make a u-turn and reroute.

(Which of course is typical Hollywood: while dozens of people heading to or from work were inconvenienced, most saw the humor in it. The pampered passengers inside the airconditioned limo, however, did nothing but complain.)

16 thoughts on “Limo gets stuck in the Hollywood Hills, blocks traffic”

  1. Listen, that was not funny. I paid good money for that stretch. I had on my best Ed Hardy T-shirt and just picked up some honeys. And I was late for a pool party.

  2. Of course a little common sense would have seen the driver be turned around before he added the weight of passengers. But no. I ask for too much some times.

  3. Reminiscent of a trip I had to Borders in Westwood. If you’ve never been there, the parking garage is underneath the store, and you drive into it down a steep driveway and through a ticket booth. Some limo driver thought it a good idea to not only drive down the steep driveway, not only to keep on going instead of backing out past the ticket booth, and then decided to try to leave by doing a three-point turn just after the ticket booth. It was chaos. Cars were backed up going all the way down into the garage, and we were all stuck there for about 20 minutes while this limo tried to get out and back up the ramp.

    Photo evidence:

  4. ha ha — I once witnessed something similar at the Ralphs parking lot on glendale blvd. Only it was like a teeter totter sitting on the driveway hump.

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