L.A. Marathon Kicks Bike Tour To A Date To Be Determined

August 26, 2009 at 5:58 pm in Biking in LA, Events, Sports

This “News from the L.A. Marathon” just landed in my inbox:

In an effort to ensure a world-class experience, we’ve decided that the 2010 LA Bike Tour will not be held Marathon morning, as it historically has been.  We’ll share further details once they’re available and look forward to hosting a great bike event later next year.

As someone who’s made an annual tradition of the Bike Tour since its inception in 1995, I have to say I’m saddened that the people running the marathon — still in their rookie year — would just up and shove aside an event that’s consistently brought out 10,000-plus cyclists each year onto the streets of a bike-unfriendly city where you’re lucky to see a few dozen in a day.

But as I await their alleged further details I’m going to cross my fingers and do my best to be heartened by the fact that there seems to be some consideration being given to bringing the Bike Tour out from the eclipsing shadow of the marathon and grow it into its own “world class” event.

Of course it may just be smoke they’re blowing — especially when stuff starts getting figured out like the costs and logistics and inevitable citizen outrage at the closing off of a course not just once in 2010 but twice. But I’ll try to give the Bike Tour (dis)organizers the benefit of the doubt. And in the end if they end up pulling the plug, I’ll just show up at the Dodger Stadium startline  at 5 a.m. on race day and keep my  tradition going by riding it to the sea my own damn self and anyone else who might wanna join me.

After the jump is the timelapse vid of this year’s ride.

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