Win Tickets to the Goonies with Johnny Cupcakes

JC shirtDid you know that more than 100 people have Johnny Cupcakes tattoos? Heck, it’s possible you may not even know who Johnny Cupcakes is. Even so chances are you’ve seen his designs somewhere. The crossbones cupcake wunderkind, JC started printing tee shirts as a lark and now at the ripe old age of 27, he’s developed an amazingly successful business (and a rabid fan base) making collectible tees and other gear. The first 100 on hand for the anniversary celebration of his Melrose store, this Saturday August 1 at 3:00 pm, will get a limited edition gift. There will be cupcakes and barbecue, and I’m guessing you’ll get to rub elbows with a lot of sleeved 20-somethings in stovepipe jeans. If you can’t make the opening, as luck would have it, you have another opportunity next week to hang out with Johnny Cupcakes. Click through to win tickets!

JC_GOONIES_WEB2LAPirates, Spielberg, the 80s, and Corey Feldman–it’s not hard to understand why The Goonies was one of Johnny Cupcakes’ favorite films when he was growing up. He’s presenting the movie at Fairfax Cinemas August 8 at midnight. Yes, there will be giveaways and limited edition tee-shirts. Seats are $10, but we have a pair of tickets for some lucky Metblogs reader. [When online sales are available I’ll post a link in the comments below.] JC explains, “Every type of person collects, understands, and appreciates my brand: Fashionable people, college kids, artsy kids, thugs, indie rockers, skaters, young adults, sneaker heads, and more.” Just leave a note in the comments box below and tell us what type of person you are and why you love Johnny Cupcakes. The winner will be randomly selected Friday.

Johnny Cupcakes: 7959 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046, (323) 653-2253

Fairfax Cinemas: 7907 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. 90048, (323) 655-4010

10 thoughts on “Win Tickets to the Goonies with Johnny Cupcakes”

  1. I guess you could say I am a former skater kid turned indie rock chick with an artsy edge and slowly turning into a fashionable young adult. So perhaps this is why I love Johnny Cupcakes so much…his designs and the spirit of his company speaks to so many facets of me. I’m 27 and pretty much all of the 80’s pop culture & movie references used in JC clothing hold a great deal of nostalgia and fond memories for me. I have been a huge supporter of JC for years now, ever since the urban outfitters scandal back in the day when they tried to steal one of Johnny Cupcakes designs. When I’m out wearing a JC shirt people always ask me “What’s that?” and everywhere I go I tell the story of Johnny Cupcakes as best I can remember. There is something so cute and a little tough about a cupcake & cross bones and I think that’s how I like to think of myself…cute, but a little tough!

  2. Ack! Yesterday my Facebook status read “Nicole has never seen The Big Lebowski, Raising Arizona, or the Goonies”. There has been an all out attack on me since then. I MUST see the Goonies or face an angry mob. Also, whenever my husband wears his Johnny Cupcakes shirt I know I made the right decision.

  3. “Heck, it’s possible you may not even know who Johnny Cupcakes is.”

    “Even so chances are you’ve seen his designs somewhere.”
    Sorry, no.

    Nikki75–there’s a big difference between the Big Lebowski, Raising Arizona, and The Goonies. Besides the fact that The Goonies wasn’t directed by the Coen Bros., it’s appeal is sort of limited to a certain demographic. You had to be a kid or younger and seen it when it was released to really like it, I think. I think nostalgia is the big selling point of it. So even if you were you are the right age to like it, seeing it as an adult you won’t have the same reaction as someone the same age that’s seen it many times.

  4. I love Johnny Cupcakes, because he’s a really nice guy.
    His designs are always fresh and awesome.
    Unlike most clothing companies, he isn’t a sell-out, which is a good thing.
    I like that he has limited edition items.

    When I wear my JC tees or bring my tote along, I do get questioned, and I’m always glad to tell ’em about him and his legacy.

    I’m the kind of girl who most guys could take home to mom.
    But I’m also the kind of girl who could rock out at a show.
    The cool thing is, I can always wear/have something JC with me, and it’ll be appreciated. No matter where.

    I’m also quite dedicated.
    I’ve camped out twice now for JC.
    I camped out for his grand opening in LA for 6 days on Melrose.
    I was #18 out of God knows how many people.
    Recently I camped out for the 1yr anniversary.
    5 days was waaay worth being #6.

    That goonies tee has been teasing since stepping into the shop.
    Plus, I love the goonies.

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