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July 24, 2009 at 5:30 pm in Uncategorized

It’s been a busy week, what with everything going on (Classic Eats, a kerfuffle over some “art,” prepping for the Echo Park Lake Paddle Boat Regatta, and so much more…) So, busy in fact, that I haven’t had a chance to post about the loudest fun of the week. Until now.

Before I get to that, have I mentioned that it’s not too late to sponsor my team in the Paddle Boat Regatta? I’m just sayin’. It’s for the kids, and it’ll give you a warm fuzzy feeling without the usually associated guilt.

MetBlogs' own, Julia "One Shot, One Kill" Frey.

Last Saturday, a few MetBloggers and friends met at the Los Angeles Gun Club for an afternoon of shootin’ stuff and makin’ a lot of noise.

There were varying levels of firearm experience among us, from “I’ve never fired a gun before” to “I’m strapped now. What?” With a little instruction, though, even the rookies in the group shot well. There were several different guns to try, from a cute & petite .25 Beretta to a cannon-like .45 Smith & Wesson, and even a 12ga. shotgun.

Everyone in the group had a great time, and already a few who weren’t there are asking when the next outting to the range is happening. Want to join us? We don’t have a firm date yet, but leave me a note in the comments and I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s going to happen.

Also, follow me past the jump to see a few more photos of firearm fun.

Don't let the smile fool you. Lucinda Michele is lethal! MetBlogs' Travis Koplow brings the heat. Annika "Noirbettie" Barranti brings out the big gun. Kurt Frey shot well, but when the zombie apocalypse comes, he'll be doing the driving. (See Julia's photo above.) Burns! tells Travis, "Look. You got this shot, and this one, and this one, and this one...all in the 10-ring." Julia & Burns! prepare to stand shoulder to shoulder in the battle of the zombie apocalypse.

Want to join the fun? Let me know in the comment section below.

All photos by Julia Frey, unless of course she’s in them, in which case they’re by Kurt Frey. All clickably gigantified.

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