An LA Metblogs Reader Reports Back

While fellow bloggers have made no bones about their passion for the unassuming Mr. Hutchinson, I was happy to hold our ticket contest and send a really excited fan. Well, two, but Chris here was so stoked that he actually wrote back when I requested a post-event write-up.

Click thru to read his opinion of this up-and-coming, and funny, musician.

Last night’s show was my second time seeing Eric Hutchinson, last summer I first discovered him when he opened for Missy Higgins in Boston. At the time I was very impressed with his energy, and his ability to interact with the crowd. At that show he did a “modern” sort of version of an old Cher song which was just amazing. Last night’s show at the el Ray was just as good as that first one I saw of his. Anya Marina opened for Eric, she was enthusiastic but not my cup of tea, but once Eric came out the show really got going. He played for almost an hour and a half, with a nice mix of the hits from his first cd, and a few new songs. Overall the show was great, but what still impresses me most is Eric’s personality that comes out on stage. He is very good at bantering and interacting with the audience. Last night for example he improvised a song about a couple who were making out in front of the stage. He really knows how to work a room and you get the sense that he is a really nice and genuine person. If I’m honest he is also a rather good looking man so I’m sure that that helps with the women in the audience (which as a point of observation the crowd was probably 75% female).

Eric is going to be on Conan tonight so he very well may take off in popularity after his Tonight Show performance.

Thanks Chris, and I’m thrilled you enjoyed the show!

And, dear reader, if YOU win a contest with us, please do write me with a follow-up review.