Gotta Regatta

Imagine going really fast in this thing.

I can’t remember the last time I went paddle boating.  I can’t remember if I’ve ever been paddle boating.  I think the first time I saw a paddle boat was when I saw an illustration of one in “The Trumpet of the Swan,” just like how I read about tractors in books years before I actually saw one on a farm (which, incidentally, was also the first time I saw a farm).  As if to rectify this glaring gap of childhood experience, 826LA invites me, you, and everyone else to put the paddle to the metal in its 2nd Annual Echo Park Lake Paddle Boat Regatta on Sunday afternoon in Echo Park.  Check out the daunting slalom course and sign up (up to 4 paddlers per boat).  The more money a team raises prior the race, the closer they are to the finish line.  Think of this as paying to win – if it works for politicians, surely it must work for paddlers as well.

An Echo Park paddle boat courtesy Carmyarmyofme via Metblogs’ Flickr pool.

6 thoughts on “Gotta Regatta”

  1. How fun. We need to keep an eye out for the Lotus Festival and field a team of dragon boat racers, that was so much fun.

  2. There was no Lotus Festival this year. They Loti were killed by the polluted water, so no fest.

    Also, there won’t be a chance to practice, the boathouses of LA City parks are all closed due to the budget crisis.

    But I do fully hope people get out and support this most worthy cause.


  3. 826LA is a great non-profit doing great things for kids in the community. I would encourage everyone to sponsor my boat, Team Flotsam & Jetsam (Team MetBlogs?), in the regatta. You can sponsor me at, and donations over $25 are tax-deductible. Thanks!

    Also, I think this is going to be a blast, whether you’re on a paddle boat or just a spectator, so come out to Echo Park Lake on Sunday at 4:00pm.

  4. Aye, Walter, there was no Lotus Festival this year, but Echo Park did manage to pull together a “Community Fest” nonetheless. Wasn’t as great as the Lotus Festival, though…

    Go Burns!!!!!!

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