All that is solid melts into air

luxemburg-by-churchill-smallOur estimable friend and blog author, Chal Pivik posted a description of the statement “Prepare to Prevail,” written by three LGBT advocacy groups.  These groups urged advocates of marriage equality to wait.  Or specifically “Going back to the ballot […] in 2010 would be rushed and risky.”  To me, equality is 2010 is “rushed” in much the same way that it was rushed, by Brown, in 1954. Does it strike anyone else as noteworthy trivia that the Brown decision of May 17, 1954 was 50 years to the day prior to implementation of Goodridge v. Department of Public Health (i.e. the first same-sex marriages in the United States)?

I’d put it this way (or quote it, anyway), at least by analogy:

We find the same logic of the error as an internal condition of truth with Rosa Luxemburg, with her description of the dialectics of the revolutionary process. We are alluding here to her argument against Eduard Bernstein, against his revisionist fear of seizing power ‘too soon’, ‘prematurely’, before the so-called ‘objective conditions’ had ripened […] they are too impatient, they want to hasten, to outrun the objective logic of historical development. Rosa Luxemburg’s answer is that the first seizures of power are necessarily ‘premature’: the only way for the working class to reach its ‘maturity’, to await the arrival of the ‘appropriate moment’ for the seizure of power, is to form itself, to educate itself for this act of seizure, the only possible way of achieving this education is precisely the ‘premature’ attempts. –Slavoj Žižek, The Sublime Object of Ideology.

Isn’t it funny how every new idea was old in 1915?

Now is a better time than later for needed change.  Until we actually make the political push necessary (even if it really isn’t anything like the revolutionary matters contemplated by those early 20th century Marxists), it will not be possible to create the conditions where a majority of voters and citizens really do understand the needs and logic of equality.