Magic at the Greek with Chris Botti

2495287058_6923b52566I love music.  I love that it can transport you to another place, that it transcends any human differences and can invoke passion, joy, sorrow, laughter…. every emotion possible.  And I loved that it all came together last night at the Greek Theater with Chris Botti and his band.

I’ve met Chris socially several times over the past few years through our mutual friend, Sting.  He’s a super charismatic guy, very funny, charming and articulate.  But I never saw him play!  Last night changed all that.  His music, his stage persona, his improvisational rifts were simply sublime.  He… and his magnificent band blew my mind.

The magic intensified as a big fat moon rose over the trees at the Greek and looking at the grins and tears on all the faces of the people around me, I knew I wasn’t the only one feeling it.  The combo of his  band: maestro piano player Billy Childs,  drummer Billy Kilson who performed beats out of this world, fabulous bassist James Genus, and his crazy talented guitar player, Mark Whitfield… whew.  Then add vocalist Sy Smith singing her sweet notes.. super pure love. Top that with Chris playing his trumpet like a God…. well, it was like lush, caramel feathered with kisses from your deepest soul mate, all in your ear.  I know, I know, I’m gushing.  But it was that good.  Seriously.

Another treat was a brilliant violinist (a beautiful woman, Caroline Campbell and the crazy part was that she was subbing for his regular violinist) playing barefoot, her  music simply made tears roll down my face… then John Mayer came out and sang a song.  Stunning.  A perfect summer night, with perfect music.  I am blessed to be living this magical life.  Thank you universe for delivering music like that on a summer night under the stars here in Hollywood!

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