Win Tix to The Germs with Agent Orange July 16

thegermsDarby’s dead, but the Germs are not. With Shane West–the actor whose tour-de-force performance in 2007’s Germs biopic “What We Do Is Secret” brought Darby to life on the silver screen–now singing in Crash’s place, Pat Smear, Lorna Doom & Don “It’s Just Dr. Bronners” Bolles are bringing their snarling punk rodeo back to the stage.

Should be nuts (show info here).

With Agent Orange and Spider Problem opening for them, this show will be off the hook. You’ll kick yourself for not going.

I can hook you up if you leave a comment below telling me why you want to see the show. We’ll pick one lucky winner to go see these rock’n’roll survivors tear up the stage.

5 thoughts on “Win Tix to The Germs with Agent Orange July 16”

  1. Why do I want to see this show? Well, for starters, The Germs, Agent Orange, and all the other punk bands of that era raised me. So, why wouldn’t I want to go to the show. Why would I like the free ticket? Because, not to give a sob story, but I’m a starving student whose financial aid was just taken away (because, somehow, I make “too much” now???) and who would LOVE a break from her full-time work + school schedule. Not to mention, I’m interested in how “Lexicon Devil” sounds without Darby singing. :D

  2. Why do I want to go? It’s The Germs and Agent Orange, that’s why. Why should I get the tickets? Because back when I still wrote for MetBlogs, I did the post including Darby in the “Greatest Dead Angelenos” series a couple of years ago. One I’m quite fond of and proud of, in fact. (Do a search… It’s pretty bad ass.)

    I DO miss writing for you guys, but, since I don’t anymore, I think I’m eligible for contests…

    This is being sent from my Blackberry, as I don’t have regular internet at my place right now. (Rrr) That’s a contributing factor to my no longer being an author here. Hey, at least I’m not sleeping in my car anymore! That was pretty Punk Rock. Seriously. I was sleeping in the Noxiousmobile and filming scenes for my acting demo at the same time. How Hardcore do you want?

    And that’s just in case one might think I’ve lost my edge. I’m old school from back in the day. (I better stop before I start quoting Descendants, “Tonyage.”)

    I’ll even say, “Please.”

    Please, Lucinda, may I go see some Punk Rock?

    (I can even review the gig if you want, and you can post it under your byline if yeh don’t think it sucks…)


    Lotsa Love to All Y’all & Later,

    P.S. Now that I’ve discovered that I can comment from the Blackberry, y’all may hear more from me. Jus’ maybe.

  3. Please oh please. I’m such a late generation punk fan that I never got to see any real punk bands live. Please, if you have any pity in your heart, let me have some credibility. Give me the chance to at least be able to say “I saw the Germs once” instead of “Yeah, I saw Greenday before they got big”.

    On a side note, I actually really like the Germs, so it’s not just another band patch on my merit badge.

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