Win Chris Botti Tickets to the Greek!!!!!

images3You and Chris Botti?

Write haiku win Greek tickets

July 9th Under Stars….

It’s such a beautiful way to embrace a LA summer night.  Listening to Chris Botti play his amazing jazz on his trumpet… The Greek Theater in the Hollywood Hills, a picnic dinner with wine, free tickets for you and your favorite person.  Sooooo, if you want to win 2 tickets to this great concert, just write a haiku about:

a) Why you are a  Chris Botti fan.

b) or why you want to see a concert at the Greek on a beautiful summer night on Thursday, July 9th.

c) or why you deserve these tickets!

I first met Chris through his friend Sting, who is one of Chris’s mentors (sort of).  And once I was turned onto his contemporary jazz style I was hooked.  Not to mention he is a swell guy…. and damn sexy!  He has a soft touch to his playing… yet is a Miles Davis impresario, so you can imagine the music that comes from him.

So have at it.  Turn your creative juices into overdrive and write a haiku! (and win these tickets, baby!).

3 thoughts on “Win Chris Botti Tickets to the Greek!!!!!”

  1. Saw what you did there
    Led contest by example
    Who will win great show?

    So, I know I’m not eligible, but haiku are just too much fun to pass up. I can tell all future entrants, though, that the winner is one lucky dude/dudette indeed. I’ve seen Chris Botti both with Sting and solo, and he’s a great live performer. Good luck!

  2. Chris croons his trumpet
    Women swoon under stars
    Music makes them happy

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