Take My Tickets To The Hold Steady Tuesday July 7

I hate you people.

See, I only have one pair of tickets to give away for The Hold Steady next Tuesday. If I had two pairs, or even three, I could use one for myself. But I only have one. So I have to give it to you people.

Photo by Marina Chavez
Photo by Marina Chavez

The Hold Steady is one of my favorite bands. Introduced to me by a bartender friend (quelle surprise), at first they rubbed me the wrong way. What the HELL is up with him shouting over the songs?

Then I listened to what he was saying, and the lyrics melted into the music and became the sound of the rust belt rocking the night away in dim bars, the sound of hell-bent tours to crappy clubs around the country, the heir to Kerouac, to Springsteen. The piano made me think of the Mississippi River.

So, you jerks, tell me your favorite thing about The Hold Steady. Or your favorite story about them. One lucky winner, who will not be me, will get to go to the show.

Just kidding about hating you. I love you all. Please take me as your plus-one.*

* Just kidding, you don’t have to.

4 thoughts on “Take My Tickets To The Hold Steady Tuesday July 7”

  1. I felt so cool and indie for liking them, until two years ago when I noticed the following article that revealed The Hold Steady is Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter’s) favorite band.


    And, OF COURSE, you’d be my plus one, Lucinda! You’re the best. (c;

  2. Hold Steady was my most prized discovery at Lollapalooza 2006. Their music rocked, they had amazing Springsteenian piano parts, and the lead singer was a wacky, balding, sing/speaking poet who (and this was the best part) pantomimed smoking cigarettes throughout the set. He looks like a white version of my Latino friend Chris.

    I’ve listened to Boys & Girls pretty consistently since it came out but my favorite song at the moment is bonus track “For Boston”!

  3. Looking for overly educated critical faves that can belt out vaguely power-poppy songs about rampant substance abuse AND still get glowingly positive reviews by a tongue-tied music geek on NPR’s “All Things Considered”?

    Look no further, because The Hold Steady are the best in class in this category since Guided By Voices. Combining the spunk of Husker Du and the working-class ethos of Springsteen, The Hold Steady provide the soundtrack to many-a-grad-student’s study session.

    Jesus, I sound like Robert Christgau…

  4. I’ve been a fan since giving ‘Stay Positive’ a try last year. I just caught them on the Artists Den on pbs recently, they seem to put on a good show. I think what I like best about them, is that they seem to be a bunch of regular dudes making some good music. I think I connect better with bands, I think I’d be comfortable having a couple beers with.

    I also dug a quote from their interview on the show.
    “Even if it goes wrong, it can go right”

    p.s If I won the tickets, I’d honored if you’d be my +1

    ..just sayin’.

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