10 thoughts on “City Councilman: Los Angeles is Happy”

  1. About the Lakers? Not really, but I’m not into sports and understand why others are happy.

    About $900K being spent on their parade? Absolutely not!

  2. I’m with Jodi. Nice that the Lakers won the championship. $900k, though? How many teachers would that have kept from being laid off? How many extra cops on the street? How many potholes filled on my block? How many homeless housed and fed? How many L.A. shelter dogs kept from being euthanized? The list goes on and on, but you get the idea. So much good could’ve come from the money spent in a couple of hours on a parade. A parade that seems to encourage a few knuckleheads that the rioting from the other night was so much fun, they should keep throwing bottles, etc. today.


    ……How much revenue do The Lakers make for LA ?
    * How much money did the city make the day of the parade?
    * How many people took the day off and spent it on parking?
    * How many people got ticketed by the city for parking illegally on the street?
    * How many peeps spent money on parking at LEGIT parking lots?
    * How many people bought merchandise legal(at LA Live) and illegally by street vendors?
    * How many people actually bought something to eat/drink at area restaurants/gas station mini marts?
    * Not to mention the hundreds of peeps The Coloseum/LA Live had to hire to put up logistics/sound systems/Stage crew/Buses and let alone the vendors at The Coloseum.
    * 100,000 peeps at the Coloseum and more than 1 Million on city streets along the parade

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