Your Chance To Own A Bentley

This gorgeous, gently used Bentley comes to us from a friend of Metblogs who is trying hard to find this four year old pup a new home. They tell us that Bentley is a family friendly guy, just 85lbs of pure love and happy dogness. The current owners are looking to place Bentley with a responsible, dog loving family – so an interview will be required. Here’s what else they have to say about him:

“Bentley is the first to welcome me home, come rain or come shine, he meets all of us with an array of circle runs, sky-high-jumps and happy barks. He’s a sucker for treats and expects them when he’s been good…which is often. He’s very smart and is oh-so-trainable. He diligently chases midnight marauding raccoons who are attempting to over-turn our trash cans and mockingbirds who are always attempting to steal just-ripened-fruit from our courtyard garden.

He’s house broken, sleeps in our son’s bedroom and naps on various doggy pillows around the house. He loves SoCal’s sunshine and prefers peeing and pooping in private. A daily walk or run is his definition of the start or end to a perfect day.”

If you are interested in adopting Bentley or can help find him a new home please e-mail Jock Begg at [email protected].

Bentley Needs A New Home
Bentley Needs A New Home

7 thoughts on “Your Chance To Own A Bentley”

  1. “Smart…trainable….housebroken….happy…family friendly…”
    If this dog is so great, why aren’t the ‘current owners’ keeping him?
    And the dog is NOT gorgeous. He’s an all too typical inbred pitbull; a problem child to be sure. RIP Bentley.

  2. Bentley’s owner is moving…and since he’s a big dog, there’s a big deposit at most apartments. Thus, the reason for needing to find him a new home. If I could, I would take this dog and make him my own. He’s no inbred, not violent, and terribly happy, always.

  3. Oh my goodness, that FACE! He is adorable. I can’t give him a forever home (my mastiff puppy takes all my energy), but if he ever needs a weekend retreat from his next home I am so down for petsitting.

    If it is a question of a deposit, maybe we could raise some money to keep Bentley with his family.

  4. What a gorgeous dog! I’ve got my hands full with my three dogs, but will pass this around to friends who might be looking, or who might know someone looking.

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