Elvis is King of Amoeba!

elviscElvis Costello, accompanied by singer-songwriter Jim Lauderdale, will do a live in-store performance at Amoeba in Hollywood on Monday, June 22nd at 8 PM. Amoeba will stream the performance live on its website.

The Amoeba Hollywood performance is the second of two in-store performances Costello will do that day, the first one taking place at the San Francisco Amoeba at noon. His new album, Secret, Profane & Sugarcane, was released last week.

2 thoughts on “Elvis is King of Amoeba!”

  1. Chal, have you ever been to any of the in-store performances at Amoeba? I’m guessing there will be quite a crowd for Elvis. How early would I need to get there?

  2. Yes, I’ve been to a few, but they were not well know artists so I showed up about a half-hour before. I heard it was a crazy long wait for Paul McCartney– people were on line (I think) the night before. Elvis Costello will probably not be on that scale but I’d expect a good turn out and get there earlier than 30 minutes prior.

    Yes, I’m hedging about giving a precise time to get there.

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