Parking Tards! We will find you!


After the reader submitted Parking Tard a few days ago people have been on the hunt. This fine example was spotted in Santa Monica near 5th and Colorado, 6/4/09, by jeffro:

OH: “I used to drive an Escalade but I could barely get both my doors open in these tiny parking spot pairs. So I sold it and got this sensible Mini Cooper. Now it’s so easy to get my car right down the center line and there’s plenty of room to get the doors open.”

Ok, not really overheard, but you can imagine.

Alternatively: “it was a messy divorce. She got parking space #11 and he got space #12. Still no agreement on who gets the car.”

8 thoughts on “Parking Tards! We will find you!”

  1. You might consider printing up flyers with “Parking Tard” and the definition and each time you see an example, leave it on their windsheild with the LA metblogs web info. They can look online and see their parking job shared to the many readers of this site. Perhaps they may even leave leave comments.

  2. Looks like the poor mini coop developed a bit of a a mini napoleon complex as it parked next to the hybrid and the truck.

  3. I love these. I’d like to see a “cell phone tards” series, too! You know, pictures of people that the “no cell phone while driving” laws *don’t* apply to.

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