In Case You Were Wondering Which Was the Block Least Likely To Get Hit By Any Criminal Activity Whatsoever This Evening at 6:54 P.M….

May 1, 2009 at 9:32 pm in Law Enforcement, News

…that would be Commonwealth between 5th and 6th streets.


I came upon this scene biking home and was ordered by the officers manning the street closure point to get on the sidewalk if I wanted to proceed. I considered a “Bikes on the Streets!” protest, but thought better of it.


In the midst of my full compliance with the directive as issued I asked one of the 3,000 officers assembled if this was for the scheduled May Day parades he said yes and that there had been expectations of up to 60,000 protesters.

“How many were there?” I inquired.

“Counting you?”
“If you say so.”
“About six.”
“Well who’s protecting the rest of the city?”
“Oh there’s plenty more where these came from,” he assured me.
“Yeah,” I said, “but when you really need a cop, there are never enough.”
“I hear you.”
“And that’s my protest.”
“Noted. Now disperse.”

And I did.

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