3 thoughts on “Archiving Angeles (AA): Chrysler & The Century”

  1. Wow, great find. What a brave attempt that was for Chrysler. The Imperial line was intended to go head to head with the best Caddy and Lincoln could offer up. Within a matter of a few years it was nothing more than a model within the Chrysler line-up and died and agonizing death during the 80’s. Now we are looking at the remnants of that once member of the “Big 3” being forced into bk by the gov’t as part of its bail out package. Sad to see these all die such undignified deaths.

  2. That’s not all that bad Chal, the current crop of Fiats are much better than those of yore that drew the name “fix it again tony”. That is if you believe what the european press have to say about the cars. I’m curious to see if they’ll be rebadged as Chryslers or keep the Fiat moniker.

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