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daysofwineandrosesI posted last week about the Reel Recovery film series hosted by Writers in Treatment (WIT), Tuesday nights at the Silent Movie Theater. Because I only write about the stuff I find interesting (hello, difference between blogging and other writing) I went to the opening screening of Permanent Midnight the night before last and I had such a good time I thought it only right to let you all know what you missed.

Red velvet cupcakes. More on this and other lures after the break.Yep, adorable mini (free) cupcakes and free coffee you could stand a stick in (a brew my roadpuppy Portia described as “grape coffee” as in the strength favored by the old school AAs).  What’s more, both Ben Stiller and Jerry Stahl were there to answer questions. (Stahl explained that he wrote Permanent Midnight when he had “about five minutes clean” and that he relapsed while writing the book, a fact I find horrifying/hilarious.)

Before the film and Q&A, there was piano music with a chanteuse singing, among other things, a lounge version of the Serenity Prayer. A disproportionate number of smokers milled about sporting tee shirts saying things like “Sober” and “Not just a bitch, a clean and sober bitch.” Leonard Buschel, WIT’s Chairperson took the stage to explain a bit about the nonprofit, which offers interest-free loans to writers seeking treatment for addiction. Reel Recovery is a fund-raiser for WIT, and as if that’s not enticement enough (well, that and the cupcakes), at least at present, Goldstar has tickets. Me, I’ve already got mine for next week.

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