Buy Buy Tuesday –

In case you hadn’t heard, the State of California is upping the sales tax by one whole point starting April 1st – Wednesday.

Other counties have approved even bigger increases, but for now LA is holding at “just” the increase to 9.25% – whoopee.

Oh and that’s not all: Don’t forget that April 1st is also the day the infamous car tax will double to 1.15 percent.

Since pretty much everyone pays sales tax and (I Wish) car registration, I predict people will officially start leaving California in droves – Way to go, Legislature!

5 thoughts on “Buy Buy Tuesday –”

  1. let ’em leave, freeways are too crowded as it is!

    Besides, here were are whining about 9.25%? It’s 20% or more in some countries. And they get free health care.

  2. I was about to post this, don’t forget to avoid cities like El Monte where their tax will be 10.25% when buying that new car.

    Jeshii…but that free health care is the shits. My folks have a lot of friends from Canada that visit them annually and pay out of pocket rather than deal with the lack of benefits and waiting lists in Lab City. Friends in the UK switch between private insurance and the govt plan depending on their needs, if healthy the govt is fine, private if you are really sick and need the best medicine can offer. So far socialized medicine isn’t all that great look at our own Medicare and MediCal programs.

  3. Way to jump start an economy.

    I’m already holding back on buying this, but now…now I’ll be sure to buy as little as possible.

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