So what should we do with our stimulus package and budget?

Assemblyman Anthony Adams asks just that question in a flyer sent out this week.  Adam represents a gerrymandering stretch of LA county into San B’doo.  His questions are slanted to the conservatives out here, but are interesting food for thought and debate.  (He represents me and most of the northern SGV into La Canada as part of the 59th District).

As a quick sidebar who has seen the “stimulus” in your paychecks?  It amounted to a whopping $30.  We opted to increase the with holdings as it doesn’t look like the actual taxes are going to change and we don’t want to have to write a check at the end of the year next year.   Anyone else care to toss in what they did with their “stimulus”?

To see the 6 questions you need to make the jump.  

  1. Do you support making jobs and the economy a budget priority through $1 billion in tax cuts and reforms to promote job creation?  Yes or no.
  2. What steps do you support to help local schools get through the state’s budget crisis. a) Giving schools more flexibility to protect classroom dollars?  b) Protecting education from any budget cuts?  c) Both.
  3. What do you believe should be the state’s top budget priority going forward? a)reforming state government to cut wasteful spending?  b) Promoting economic growth and job creation?.  Other…
  4. What should California do with federal stimulus dollars?  a) Use stimulus dollars to pay down the debt?  b) Direct dollars to promote job creation?  c)use stimulus dollars to reduce budget cuts?
  5. do you support or oppose the approach taken to solve the state’s budget crisis through permanent cuts, temporary taxes and reform?  Support or Oppose?
  6. Do you believe California’s budget crisis was so severe it was inevitable everyone would have to sacrifice to save the state financially?  Yes or no?

There you go, all 6 questions.   I have to admire the attempt to bring the current economic crisis in CA down to 6 questions.  What to do with the stimulus money should we get any is good discussion fodder.   Debate it out now.